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Note From the Editor

Looking into our crystal ball, we see sure things and uncertain prospects based on a couple of our stories today. Like Marriott and Hilton, AccorHotels is working on its version of the connected room. So it's a safe bet there will be a lot more gadgetry in your hotel room in years to come.

In the jury-is-still-out category, Air New Zealand, Lufthansa and TUI are beginning to dabble with blockchain as the great equalizer in travel distribution. Kudos to them for getting on board early in the experimentation. Blockchain's potential could range from transforming the travel industry pecking order to being subverted or ending up being a gigantic yawn. Rest assured that we'll be charting the blockchain journey with everything we can throw at it.
Insights on Today's Tipping Economy from an Employee Perspective [SPONSORED]
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Tipping is seen by some as an outdated concept in America, and a few vanguard restaurateurs have been trying to change how employees are compensated. But old habits die hard for both servers and customers.
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Top Stories
Sneak Peek: Black Friday Savings You Need to Know About
This Black Friday we're giving you a sneak peek into what lies ahead for Skift Research. Act now to save $300 on an annual subscription while you still can.

AccorHotels Is Working on a Smart Room That’s Both Accessible and Personalized
That AccorHotels is using the Internet of Things and other innovative tech to create more personalized and accessible guest rooms is an idea we can definitely get behind. But we wonder what the company's plans might be to incorporate loyalty into the initiative. It would be crucial in adding value for Accorhotels, property owners, and guests.

Air New Zealand Plans to Test Blockchain Integration With Its Reservation System
Anyone remember Google Wave? Air New Zealand, Lufthansa, TUI, and a whole bunch of investors and techies are betting that blockchain fulfills a lot of promise and exhibits a ton more staying power than previously-hyped technologies that didn't hang around very long.

Hogg Robinson Thinks It Has a Technology Edge on Its Corporate Travel Competitors
Although still in its infancy, IATA's New Distribution Capability is only going to get bigger. The airlines want it to succeed as do corporate travel agents who will have access to a greater amount of content.

Video: Airbnb Co-Founder on Evolving to Be More Than Just a Travel Business
While Blecharczyk wouldn't say anything about Airbnb's impending IPO, he did reveal some interesting perspectives on how and where he sees the $31 billion company continuing to grow.

Thomas Cook Sees Profit Slump in UK Division
Thomas Cook indicated that the problems in the UK were specific to this summer and that overall the business is in good shape. That might be the case but if the UK economy is hit by any Brexit-related issues in 2018 it could be a similar story – or worse – next year.
The Meetings Industry Is Not Worried Enough About Cybersecurity
Cyber security is not a priority for most meeting planners, but experts warn that it's just a matter of time before the industry is hit with a major breach. Both attendees and event professionals can take steps to protect themselves.

Complications of Getting Catering to the Plane — Airline Innovation Report
Are you upset some airlines charge $3 for a soda? There's a reason prices are higher than at a convenience store. It's not easy or cheap to get provisions onto an aircraft.

Digital Security Comes Into Focus — Meetings Innovation Report
Cybersecurity comes in many forms. Event planners and venues need to do more protect their systems, but attendees can also shield their personal and business information with a little effort.
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New Skift Research Report: The Future of Blockchain in Travel Distribution 2018
Our channel checks and industry data point to a relevant future for blockchain technology in travel distribution. However, proponents will need to move fast in creating compelling applications that perform better than what's already out there.

Airline Food Conundrum – Paid Meals Winning Out Over Freebies
Airline food isn't always tasty, but passengers probably shouldn't compare it to what they find in a restaurant. Delivering food to an aircraft is a logistical challenge, and it's amazing the system works as well as it does.

Inside Priceline Group’s Diss of Trivago — The Backstory
What do a debate over landing pages, the acquisition of Momondo, a shift into hotel software services, and regulators forcing changes in online travel agency contracts have in common? Each of those seemingly unrelated things may have pushed Priceline to toggle back its spending on Trivago.

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