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Note From the Editor

For readers who might have just wrapped up the July 4th holiday or might be contemplating a weekend escape, how many of you fantasized about avoiding congested roadways in your flying car? Everyone will be using them within a decade, right? Well, wrong. Our senior writer Andrew Sheivachman took a hard look at flying cars, and concluded they likely will be akin to private jets or helicopters. Namely, niche services for the moneyed set.

On the other end of the economic spectrum is Pod Hotels. Hospitality editor Deanna Ting reports that the brand, which is in expansion mode, is addressing the needs of hotel developers and guests who might be looking for cost-conscious but still design-focused stays. They definitely won’t be arriving for their Pod Hotels stays in a flying car.
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Top Stories
Flying Cars: Separating Hype From Real Potential
We're not saying flying cars won't exist; they already do. But at this point, it's ludicrous to expect the market to grow beyond a niche offering for the wealthy anytime in the next few decades. Don't buy the hype.

Pod Hotels Owner Is Thinking Small to Grow Big
Boutique hotelier Richard Born is betting big on micro-hotels — and he isn't alone these days. Will most hotels going forward take the same approach? Or will hotel guests eventually tire of tiny rooms?

Carnival Is Upping Its Ad Spending to Drive More Cruise Bookings
Carnival Corp. said its cruise lines have made a case for additional advertising and marketing dollars to generate more bookings — and the parent company is listening. Now we'd like to know what they're spending that extra money on.

What Next-Level Hotels Have in Common: 5 Podcast Takeaways
A hotel that's just a hotel is so passé. Today's successful hospitality brand knows that the hotel is the first chapter of a long story of connected experiences.

12 Big Winners in Travel Advertising at Cannes Lions 2017
The big lesson here is that digital first is the future.
Still Popular
Business Travel Startups and Services for Those In-Between Moments
A series of innovators are trying to address the moments between arrival and check-in, work and play, and other found moments.

Many United Airlines Awards Flights Will Soon Cost More Miles
Starting July 1, United will begin hawking Chase-branded credit cards on board, with flight attendants earning a $50 commission for each approval. Will the flight attendants remind customers that they'll need a lot more miles for some trips starting later this year? We doubt it.

The Los Angeles Times Looks for Revenue From Luxury Travel Packages
The new Los Angeles Times venture is yet another example of a journalistic organization looking to tourism to save the day. Beyond expanding revenues, the trips offer an extra benefit to star reporters — "free" travel.
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