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Note From the Editor

Hospitality is blending with retail and retail is merging with hospitality, as columnist Colin Nagy's article today points out. Hotels are partnering to sell retail products and services that are an extension of their brands, and retail outfits are opening hotels so guests can try their products. But does it all become just too commercial at some point?

Speaking of blending, Uber snagged the Expedia CEO a few months ago for the top job at the ridesharing company, and now Dara Khosrowshahi has tapped a former Expedia official, Barney Harford, who is also a former Orbitz CEO, to be the COO at Uber. Harford is said to be excessively detail-oriented. He'll have to be if the duo can turn around Uber.
Cracking the Code: Taking a Closer Look At Travel Startup Business Models
Sponsored by Amadeus
Much of the success of a travel startup hinges on its business model. A new Skift and Amadeus travel startup survey found that subscription-based, personalized pricing and unbundling models show the most promise to those in the space.
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Hospitality and Retail Join Forces But It Shouldn’t Be Forced
In the rush to smash together retail and hotels, brands have to focus on doing this with a lot of care and intention. Sometimes a brand just isn't that important.

Luxury Travel’s Next Phase Could Be in Vacation Rental Consolidation
Luxury travelers are increasingly looking to vacation rentals for a different type of experience. This presents opportunities for both established players and newcomers.

Former Orbitz CEO Barney Harford Is Uber’s New Chief Operating Officer
Uber boss Dara Khosrowshahi first met Barney Harford when they both worked at Expedia in the mid-2000s. A decade later, Harford sold Orbitz to Expedia. But can the two men in 2018 successfully shake off Uber's all-too-often exploitative disregard for workers and the law? And can they make Uber profitable?

Virgin Atlantic Builds an Igloo on a Deck at Heathrow — Airline Innovation Report
Most high-value customers choose airlines based on two factors — price and schedule. But on the margins, airlines like to use marketing strategies to attract customers. Maybe Virgin Atlantic's outdoor igloo at London Heathrow will help it win some new fans.
Travel and Events Are Becoming a Potent Blend — Meetings Innovation Report
Backed by technology and out-of-the-box thinking, integrating travel management and meeting functions is becoming a thing — if territorial impulses don't get in the way.
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25 Travel Moments That Mattered in 2017
In 2017, politics dominated the headlines, which were built out of travel bans in the United States and the UK confiding to the European Union that the divorce would indeed proceed. Kick back for the upcoming holidays. We'll all need plenty of energy for 2018.

Marriott and AccorHotels Mega Merger Activity Created Luxury Powerhouses
Perhaps being bigger isn't always better, at least when it comes to luxury hotels. When you're bigger, the challenges can be, too.

Airbnb Is Getting a $200 Million Boost to Build Its Hotel-Like Apartment Business
Airbnb is getting into the very business it has spent the past decade disrupting. Will Niido Powered by Airbnb usher in an era of co-living residences that encourage homesharing?
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