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Every luxury hospitality company should have conservation on its agenda in 2020 — with an emphasis on the "should." We have no doubt that plenty of luxury properties will prioritize opulence over their environmental impact in the months ahead, but that's a mistake.

In our latest feature, Skift contributor Samantha Shankman shows that what's good for luxury hospitality and what's good for the environment aren't mutually exclusive. Not only do luxury travelers expect to see gorgeous, pristine surroundings — and are willing to pay more for it — but they now more than ever want to book a property with an ecological conscience.

My favorite example from where I grew up? Terranea Resort, in Palos Verdes, California, meticulously restored the peninsula's native species of plants and worked with the Palos Verdes Land Conservancy to ensure they got it right.

Gen Z is especially interested in sustainable travel and will soon have the spending power to make an impact in the luxury market. The catch is that travel companies had better take these efforts seriously and not just use conservation as a marketing ploy, because that could have the reverse effect on booking. We'll keep tabs on other luxury and wellness leaders in the conservation space in the year ahead, being mindful of which companies are making environmental changes for the better.

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