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January is an important time for wellness. It's when people make health resolutions, start detox plans — whether that's Dry January or Whole 30 — and brainstorm places they want to travel to in the year ahead.

It's also a big month for Skift and wellness — as you may have read, we're combining coverage areas to create our new Luxury & Wellness Travel Report. Now more than ever, luxury travelers want wellness experiences at the core of their trips. Wellness is already helping keep some luxury hospitality companies relevant, while a lack of wellness offerings may soon be leaving other brands behind.

Not every wellness story has a luxury angle, of course. Companies are, after all, looking to integrate wellness into all travel price points. And not every luxury piece is necessarily about good health. But the two categories overlap in enough meaningful and important ways to justify a combined newsletter.

Speaking of overlap, in this inaugural newsletter, Skift investigates the future of wellness travel and the shift toward more niche offerings. Consider, for example, an overnight stay at a monastery or a trip designed to help you deal with 2020 election stress (which we'll all probably be needing soon!). While yoga retreats will always be a core offering in this space, luxury travelers want more tailor-made excursions that address their specific wellness goals while also providing unique — dare we drop the word "transformative"? — experiences.

We're also looking at the luxury forecast for 2020 and exploring how transformational travel, often associated with wellness, will become its own trend in luxury. Families, for instance, can take bonding trips led by Brown + Hudson designed to help them discover themselves and connect with nature.

Wellness travel may seem like a new category, at least compared to luxury, but if 2019 showed us anything, it's that this sector is here to stay — and businesses are making bold moves to attract wellness consumers.

I look forward to covering luxury and wellness in the year ahead. I hope you join me on the trip.

For feedback or news tips, reach out via email at lb@skift.com or tweet me @lesliebarrie

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Leslie Barrie [lb@skift.com] curates the Skift Luxury & Wellness Travel Report. Skift emails the newsletter every Thursday.

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