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Note From the Editor

When news of a skirmish between Hyatt and Expedia bubbled to the surface recently, we got to thinking that the tune sounded familiar. Executive Editor and online travel expert Dennis Schaal pulled together a greatest hits compilation rounding up some of the most memorable public battles between booking sites and the hotels and airlines listed (or not) on them.

On a more leisurely note, the Cayman Islands is paying attention to the evolving behavior of foodies and working to cultivate potential visitors through a meal-kit delivery service featuring recipes from the destination. It's an innovative idea that could inspire new waves of culinary tourism.

Speaking of innovation, Uber's CEO resigned just as we were putting the finishing touches on this newsletter. How will this act make us rethink travel startups and the line between disruption and just plain poor behavior?
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The Morning News
Cayman Islands Tests U.S. Meal-Kit Service to Boost Its Food Tourism Marketing
The Cayman Islands feels its new meal-kit campaign is new and exciting, and in many ways it is. It's refreshing to see a tourism board take a novel approach to reaching consumers and there will be a lot to learn in how consumers will respond.

A Timeline of Online Travel Agency Battles With Hotels and Airlines
There is pomp and circumstance, and plenty of bluster, but most negotiations between online travel agencies, on the one hand, and hotels and airlines, on the other, eventually end up in signed contracts. That's because the two sides usually need each other, like it or not.

Uber CEO Resigns Following Leadership Crisis He Created
The thinking behind Uber has had a transformative effect on transportation in major cities around the world. But the disruption it created relied on tactics and a mentality that was was the polar opposite of the progressive, groundbreaking business it wished to be seen as. The question isn't can it survive without Travis, but how long it would have survived under any circumstance.

Mobile Travel Bookings Will Reach 40 Percent of Online Sales in 2017
Enhanced mobile booking tools and merchandising are resonating with consumers. As it gets easier to book on your phone, mobile could overtake traditional computer bookings as the most popular way U.S. travelers plan and book their trips.

What the Growing Market for Luxury Goods Tells the Travel Industry
There's good and bad in this report. Spending will continue, of course, but it is shifting into new markets and leaving some legacy markets in the lurch.

Etraveli Gets New Owner in Push to Dominate European Online Booking
Etraveli was sold for more than twice what it fetched just a year and a half ago. That's an impressive trajectory — and it looks like all parties are invested in continuing that kind of growth.

BMW Picks Butterfield and Robinson as Its Exclusive European Tour Operator
European car pick ups have been a thing for decades now, but BMW's move to add B&R to the mix is an additional selling point for the right kind of traveler.
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Airbus Is Making Some of Its Most Popular Jets More Passenger-Friendly

Travel Habits of Americans: Strong U.S. Dollar Means Little to Outbound Tourists
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