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South by Southwest kicked off this week in Austin, and it's sure to be pandemonium as always. We'll see what new controversies emerge by the time next week's newsletter drops. Maybe I should have attended this year.

Anyway, this week I wrote about a pair of reports examining two areas of event technology undergoing immense change: marketing and distribution. Check out the stories below.

Technology has enabled meeting and event planners to do old things in new ways, but it adds a layer of complexity on top of everything. Online booking and automated marketing are the future, but they're just starting to get smarter.

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Skift Video: Transforming an Airplane Hangar Into an Immersive Event Space
Sponsored by The Venetian
During the IMEX America conference, The Venetian created a "bucket list moment" by hosting a party in an airplane hangar.
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Events Need to Figure Out a Strategy for Evaluating Marketing Tools
With event technology exploding in scope and complexity in recent years, it's no wonder that organizations aren't sure which sales and marketing tools have the most positive impact. It's the right time to start figuring it out, though.

Online Bookings Grow for Small and Simple Meetings
Meetings booked online are small in stature and short in duration, which comes as no surprise. The consumerization of the booking process for meetings is well underway.
Where Will 5G Hit First?
Certain cities across the world with have access to 5G mobile networks first, although it will be years until most mobile phones will be able to use them.

South by Southwest Promises to Tackle Gender Discrimination Despite Weak Track Record
It's time for the world's most popular innovation conferences to not only take a stand against sexual discrimination, but develop programs that help attendees grapple with gender issues that are often ignored.

How Independent Hotels Can Get in on Incentive Travel
Incentive travel is growing, but independent hotels are missing an opportunity to cash in.
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