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This week contributing editor Greg Oates takes the time to look into the most recent trends in luxury travel in an attempt to make sense of where the market and the consumers are heading. In the process he comes away with six insights that we think point the way forward for the sector and for our coverage of it in the coming months.

At the core of this is the concept of fulfillment. As Oates writes: "Fulfillment, though, speaks to our innermost motivations, and our awareness and alignment of our inner and exterior contexts. It speaks to who we are, or more accurately, who we want to be." It's a big step up from buying something expensive and flashy, as well as an evolution of experience into something even more interesting.
This Is Not a Freakin’ Trade Conference: Year Four
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4 Looks at Luxury
The 6 Big Trends That Are Reshaping Luxury Travel
In the luxury travel space, at a macro level, demand is growing for the accumulation of travel memories drawn from transformative moments that resonate deeply with the individual traveler’s ideal of personal fulfillment, and his or her best aspirational version of themselves.

Artificial Intelligence’s Unrecognized Potential for Luxury Travel Brands
It’s clear that there are ways in which luxury brands can differentiate their customer experience using artificial intelligence, but it will require a sophistication that is still unseen in the travel industry.

Mall Operator Westfield Emulates Luxury Hotels for New Service Style
It is difficult to distill years of nuanced luxury training down into a single program, but Westfield's eagerness to look to luxury hospitality is a sign that it is headed in the right direction.

Hyatt Buys Yet Another Wellness Brand, Exhale
Hyatt is taking the concepts of wellness and "adjacent spaces" very, very seriously.
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