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Some people have become very rich off the back of the bitcoin boom. The problem for these crypto-affluents is that most retailers don't accept these new forms of digital currency.

Enter a small handful of companies who have either decided to take the risk and accept payment in bitcoins directly or who act as intermediaries.

The end result is the same: People can now buy expensive stuff using bitcoin. Contributor Samantha Shankman took a look at what these companies have to offer and whether they are a sign of things to come in the luxury market.

Whether you think what they're doing is good or not depends on your view of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It's either a smart move to get out in front of a new trend or foolish to take part in something that looks as though it could rival tulip mania or the dotcom boom for its bubble-like qualities.

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Bitcoin's growth has made a lot of people very wealthy and more companies are looking at tapping into what could be a lucrative market. The problem, though, is the unpredictable nature of cryptocurrency markets means accepting these virtual currencies comes with considerable risk.

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