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California generates a decent chunk of its tourism revenue from international visitors, and as outbound markets across the world continue to mature, new sources are coming to prominence.

The Middle East is a case in point, and outbound travelers from the likes of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are frequently big spenders. That's why it makes sense for a destination marketing organization like Visit California to try and better understand the wishes and needs of tourists from those particular countries.

This week Skift contributor Laura Powell takes a closer look at the state's plans to further tap into what is already a lucrative market.

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Skift Design Awards 2019
Executive Q&A: MGallery Hotel Collection Proves the Power of Storytelling in Luxury Hospitality
Sponsored by Accor Group

The definition of high-end hospitality has evolved over the last few years and has taken on different meanings to different audiences. At the MGallery Hotel Collection, this means finding inspiring ways to engage global explorers while carefully balancing the brand's approach to storytelling, history, and aesthetics.

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6 Looks at Luxury
California Leads U.S. Destinations’ Efforts to Target the Middle East Luxury Traveler

In the effort to attract high-spending tourists, states often look overseas. That's a good idea — international visitors typically spend more than domestic travelers. But certain international markets present a more complicated consumer landscape than others. That's what Visit California has discovered wooing more travelers from the Middle East.

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Lifestyle-Brand Veteran Dream Hotel Group to Expand Aggressively

It's no secret that lifestyle brands cater to a particular type of traveler, but that doesn't mean there isn't plenty of money still to be made in the space. As lifestyle veterans, Dream Hotel Group could have a leg up over larger chains that have more capital to play with.

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Luxury Travelers Want to Spend on Self-Care

There's now a wellness-themed trip out there for almost every traveler's wants, whether that's an ultra-exclusive self-care summit or an intense hiking tour in a remote locale. So it comes as no surprise that the already booming wellness industry is now benefiting from people hitting the road.

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Skift Tech Forum Is This Week: Check Out the Companies Attending

Not 100% sure whether you should attend Skift Tech Forum this Thursday? Check out the list of companies attending — that may help with your decision.

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Travel Advisors School Affluent Clients on the Great American Road Trip

As well-traveled Americans and international visitors look for their next adventures, travel advisors are pointing them to the allures of the open road. Fueled by an increase in high-end lodging options in the American West, more luxury travelers will shift gears and opt for driving rather than flying.

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Hong Kong-Based Langham Is on the Prowl for Acquisitions in Europe

Langham has expanded in North America, China, and Australia, but not in Europe, where its acquisition of The Langham, London, gave it the brand. A new wave of development earmarks Europe as a priority, and the company wants to enter the resort space as well. But before all that can happen, it needs to further raise brand awareness.

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Emirates Is First Major Airline to Launch Basic Business Class Fare

Emirates has fired the first salvo in the unbundling of business class fares. Now you can buy just the seat, with none of the other trimmings that travelers are used to with top-tier carriers. It's a pragmatic strategy, one that gives more choice to travelers. The tension will now be maintaining that great luxury brand halo and still letting the premium cabins do the marketing hard yards for the carrier.

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