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Before online retail became such a big thing, duty-free retailers had it pretty easy. Customers, with plenty of time to kill, would wander around an airport looking to spend their money, thinking they were getting a good deal.

But with most people now comfortable shopping on the web, this isn't necessarily still true. Of course these stores still have a captive audience, but consumers are a lot more clued in when it comes to pricing.

To get around this, airports have had to invest heavily in upgrading the shopping experience and retailers too are changing the way they do business. This week, writer Laura Powell has been looking into the future of duty-free shopping to see what companies are doing to keep travelers spending.
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The Shifting Strategies of Luxury Duty-Free Retailers
With competition from online retailers rising, airport duty-free shops selling luxury goods need to up the ante. Some methods they are using seem to be successful, while others may start annoying potential customers.

The Wharf Turns Washington Into a Waterfront City
Even an established tourism city like Washington, D.C. needs new destinations. While the capital city's newest attraction has nothing to do with politics (thank goodness), it has everything to do with breaking down the walls between tourists and locals.

Buick Bets on Attainable Luxury With Latest Sub-Brand
Although the auto industry sits adjacent to travel with its own tricks and trials, executives in both camps are looking to respond to luxury consumers' shifting priorities with the right balance of brands and packaging. Avenir is a good example of a team that's doing it right.

Celebrity Cruises Is Building a Lux New Ship to Sail the Galapagos
People already pay a pretty penny to sail the Galapagos Islands. Will they spend more to do it on a new, high-end ship? Celebrity Cruises is banking on it.

International First Class Fades Even as Emirates and Singapore Debut New Suites
Another article about the death of first class? We get it, already. As business class becomes more lavish, fewer passengers are willing to pay a major premium for a first class suite.
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