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With so much digital noise, it's getting harder for luxury brands to stand out in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

In the past, we've examined how some companies have sought to up their digital game. Now writer Sam Shankman has taken a look at offline activation events and how brands are looking at this as a way to differentiate themselves.

Luxury spirits maker Louis XIII Cognac's recent collaboration with musician Pharrell is also interesting because it highlights the desire for brands to be more than just aspirational. They want to show they have a conscience as well.
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Luxury Brands Embrace Experiential Marketing to Stay Relevant
Louis XIII Cognac's most recent activation is a great example of how luxury brands are aligning with meaningful causes and influencers to appeal to luxury consumers' growing desire to feel their purchases are part of something bigger than themselves.

Luxury Boutique Hotels Become Part of the College Experience
Luxury boutique hotels are suddenly sprouting up near the campuses of small liberal arts colleges. But most seem to be shunning franchise flags in favor of independence. We examine the reasons why.

The Top Traits of Luxury Hospitality Employees
Everyone agrees that service is key to the luxury experience. That means there's a great deal of pressure on hiring managers to find the right talent. They should be looking for certain key psychographic factors that have consistently proven to be strong indicators of employee success.

Jumeirah Hotels Is Launching a New Lifestyle Brand in Early 2018
Brand proliferation continues, but we wonder: Will there be a point where there are simply just too many hotel brands out there? Or have we already reached it?

Video: Aman Resorts Places Big Bet on City Hotels
Aman is still not an ordinary hotel company. But it's no longer as unusual as it once was. It's a little more mainstream.
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