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While last week we looked closely at the emerging trends within luxury travel that are reshaping the sector, this week we look outside of travel for clearer insight into consumer habits. In this case, it's Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba and what its highly mobile, highly brand-conscious consumers are shopping for and spending their money on. It's a reminder that there is more than one way to create a product and reach the next generation of shoppers.
Skift Global Forum’s Editorial Program Is Set
In less than three weeks, the biggest CEOs in the entire travel industry are coming on stage at Skift Global Forum. View the full schedule, check out the completed speaker list, and register now before it's too late.
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4 Looks at Luxury
What Travel Brands Can Learn from Alibaba’s New Luxury Marketplace
Despite the popularity and discussion surrounding the Chinese consumer in recent years, it is still a developing market worth watch and studying for nuanced changes and opportunities.

The Plan to Make Puerto Rico a Destination for High-End Chinese Travelers
Puerto Rico will take private investment however it can get it. If that means big resorts for wealthy Chinese travelers, it will be welcomed as good news.

Rosewood’s New Ad Campaign Tries to Make Luxury Guests Its Stars
With everyone talking about experience curation and creating a sense of place, can a glitzy advertising campaign focusing on those characteristics actually differentiate a luxury hotel brand?

What It Takes to Build the Perfect Premium Airport Lounge
Here are the brands that are innovating and getting the lounge experience right.
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