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You don't get much more old-world luxury than Monaco and Monte Carlo. So when they start talking about reaching a new generation of luxury consumers, it's worth a listen. And when they start talking about better understanding new source markets rather than relying on old habits, it's really worth a listen.

Today Skift chats with leaders at Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer about how they see the Monte Carlo brand's appeal to the modern luxury consumer. We also talk to former Travel + Leisure Editor-in-Chief Nancy Novogrod about her new bespoke travel consultancy, look closer at Swire Group's highly personal approach to luxury, and (on the opposite end) get another update on Airbnb's high-end ambitions.
Announcing René Redzepi at Skift Global Forum 2017
As Skift expands into the business of restaurants, we closely follow those at the top of the industry creating change. We are delighted to announce René Redzepi, founder and head chef of noma, as a speaker at this year’s Skift Global Forum.
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5 Looks at Luxury
How Monte Carlo Embraces Change for a New Luxury Customer
Monte Carlo might be known for its traditional luxury offering, but a deeper looks shows a hospitality group that's keenly aware of its positioning, the changing market and how it must adapt to ensure a spot of the ultra-wealthy's jet set itineraries.

Travel Journalists Pivot to Custom Luxury Travel Planning
Another high-end, membership-based travel consultancy opens up shop. We wonder how these businesses will distinguish themselves as competition grows in the realm of "curating bespoke experiential localized" travel.

Upper House Luxury Hotel Experience Aims for Custom Approach to Tech and Personalization
Upper House's general manager details how the Hong Kong-based hotel finds the balance between tech, customer relationship management, and frontline service.

Airbnb Is Readying Its Luxury Vacation Rentals Business
Airbnb Lux is no doubt getting ready for its closeup, and luxury hotel brands -- if they haven't already -- need to prepare themselves.

Data Breach at Sabre Hits Four Seasons and Other Hotels
Sometimes it really does pay to book direct. At least in this case, customers who booked direct weren't impacted. Those who booked on third-party channels like online travel agencies weren't as lucky.
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