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In the constantly evolving world of luxury messaging, one size does not fit all in this global market of ours. China is a prime example of this fact.

Not only do the Chinese use different social media channels than most of the rest of the world, but messaging to this market must be tailored to suit both consumers and the government, which requires a nuanced cultural awareness. It's a tricky balance creating content specifically for this audience while maintaining the brand's global story line.

Of course, brands also need to sift among China's proliferating social media channels. That means international luxury brands are going to have to navigate this unwieldy landscape to figure out which apps to bet on. Read this week's featured story by Skift contributor Samantha Shankman, who takes a look at a new Reuter: Intelligence study, released in partnership with ILTM China, to learn more.

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New Report: The State of Global Wellness Travel
Sponsored by OCTAVE Institute

We're more connected than ever thanks to technology — but at the same time, it often feels like this connection hasn't really amounted to much. Perhaps this ongoing search for connection — with nature, our communities, and ourselves — is what's driving the rapid growth of wellness travel and tourism.

5 Looks at Luxury
Luxury Brands Strive to Improve Messaging for Chinese Market

Luxury brands today are designing stories for global citizens, but telling those stories in different markets requires more than a different app — it's about delivering a message that resonates with the core brand and the local culture that they're speaking to.

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Popular Thai Beaches Pricier Than European Resorts: It's Not Just About the Higher Baht

It's easy to blame the baht as the butt of the problem for a decline in European arrivals to Thailand. The issues, however, are wider and deeper than just currency appreciation.

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In-Flight Events Are Starting to Slowly Lift Off

So far, these flying meetings are mostly exclusive, invite-only affairs, where sought-after execs network with one another while trapped on a plane.

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Skift Short-Term Rental Summit 2019: Live Stream

Didn't get tickets to our sold-out Skift Short-Term Rental Summit? You can still catch all the main-stage action as well as join in the Q&A by purchasing access to our live stream. Register today!

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Brazil Wants to Double Its Visitors by 2022 But at What Cost?

Brazil is aiming to double its visitors by 2022 and change its image to shift the focus onto its natural resources. There are concerns, however, about whether the plan is sustainable.

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Vrbo Shuffles Leadership as Latest Expedia Group Reorganization Moves Take Shape

No pain, no gain, right? Expedia's Vrbo unit, which is almost an afterthought when it comes to discussions about Airbnb,, and Google, has been undergoing a difficult transition. In itself, changing the leadership isn't the answer, but along with other changes, perhaps it won't hurt.

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