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Today's collection of stories are about how travel providers can speak to the unique needs of luxury travelers. In California, tourism leaders are learning how to market destinations up and down the state to luxury travelers coming from Canada and the UK. And while flashy retail may interest the latter, the former take a different approach.

We get an early look at MMGY's annual report on the state of U.S. travelers and talk to them about the differences between affluent Americans and luxury travelers. Our other stories address challenges at hotels: How do hotels create a more holistic experience for guests? What does loyalty mean to high-end guests now? And what do you get the guests who want everything?

A final note: You may have noticed our new look this morning. Read more about it here.
5 Looks at Luxury
California Tourism Leaders Get Lessons on the Road From High-End Brands
California is in a unique position because it both has a product every traveler is after and it knows how to speak luxury from the start. Trips like these are just icing on the cake.
How to Tell the Difference Between Luxury and Affluent Travelers
The quick takeaway: Not all wealthy U.S. travelers travel the same way.
Upscale Hotel Brands Are Forgoing FitTech to Focus on Holistic Wellness
Hotel brands are developing more all-encompassing wellness retreats and partnering with trendy health brands in an attempt to deliver transformative travel experiences.
Four Seasons CEO Sees ‘Airbnb Effect’ in Luxury Hospitality
At a time when most hotel CEOs say Airbnb isn't a threat at all, Smith is one of the few who seems to be paying much closer attention than most to its potential impact on his company's business.
Skift Backstage Podcast: InterContinental CEO on Guests Who Want It All
Tune in to hear insight from a leading hotel executive about the quest to get customers in the door — and understand them better.
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