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The big news this week is really about the big news last week: Ritz-Carlton is headed to sea. I've always found the brand's approach for luxury was a bit too stodgy and unimaginative, but a visit to the Half Moon Bay property in California earlier this year made me think the situation is better than I thought. With the launch of the three luxury yachts last week I'm massively impressed by how the brand is rethinking the hospitality experience and really upping the ante in the luxury space. It will be exciting to see how this pans out over the next few years.

Today we also look at breaking news out of Hyatt: It's Miraval acquisition now means World of Hyatt members can take advantage of the luxury spa properties. And while everyone toads about the strength of the outbound Chinese traveler, new numbers out of India argue that an equally sophisticated demographic will soon disrupt international luxury travel.
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5 Looks at Luxury
Hyatt Adds Miraval to Make Its Loyalty Program More Attractive
It's a relatively small addition for now, but as Hyatt grows the Miraval brand, no doubt its members will appreciate the access to Miraval's wellness offerings. Now, we just have to wait and see what happens with Hyatt and Expedia.

India’s Luxury Sector Posed for Exponential Growth
India is ready for a jump in luxury travel, but it will need to catch up in terms of the accommodations and services that it can offer while also being conscious that local residents, not just multinationals, benefit from this growth.

Ritz-Carlton Enters the Luxury Cruise Business With 3 Custom Yachts
We've seen both luxury hotel and luxury cruise companies develop private jet products, but this is the first time a hotel brand has headed to sea. This is easily the most interesting thing the otherwise traditional Ritz-Carlton has ever done.

The Los Angeles Times Looks for Revenue From Luxury Travel Packages
The new Los Angeles Times venture is yet another example of a journalistic organization looking to tourism to save the day. Beyond expanding revenues, the trips offer an extra benefit to star reporters — "free" travel.

Airbnb Is Testing a Luxury Service That Will Include Inspections for Quality Control
"Airbnb Lux," here we come. No doubt Airbnb's earlier acquisition of Luxury Retreats will play a role here, too. Luxury hotel brands, you've been warned.
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