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While brick-and-mortar stores of all kinds seem to be facing extinction these days, some innovative storefront travel agencies are bucking this trend. Designed as social hubs, new agencies cropping up on city streets from Brooklyn, New York, to Omaha, Nebraska, are places where passersby can come relax in a lounge-style atmosphere, enjoy a cappuccino, peruse travel books, and chat with a travel advisor.

Owners of these travel agencies say that many of their walk-in customers had never before used a travel advisor or been aware of the services that agencies provide. Many were pleasantly surprised and ended up booking travel. The concept is successful enough that some of these travel agencies are expanding into multiple locations.

It's good to know that face-to-face connections still resonate and that storefront travel agencies can be a vibrant part of local communities. For more coverage of pertinent issues, click here.

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