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Note From the Editor

Weariness over push notifications, Slack messages, news alerts and travel deals pinging your phone at all hours is an indicator, as is the "delete Facebook" mini-uprising, that a tech backlash is under way. Have privacy transgressions and personalization, in particular, gone too far before airlines and hotels have even nailed it?

For an antidote and a reprieve, our On Experience columnist, Colin Nagy, turned to a Tokyo bookstore that has partnered with residential developers to create communal spaces where people can actually relate to one another as an alternative to being immersed — and lost — in what he described as their "social trances." Beyond the rare books and vinyl on display, there might be a lot to learn there about our complicated lives and times.
Skift Video: How The Venetian Designs Personalized Experiences for Event Attendees
Sponsored by The Venetian
Today's meeting planners are reckoning with the rising expectations of attendees who "want it all," whether that's networking, education, entertainment, and fun. Only a select handful of event venues like The Venetian are capable of delivering on that promise.
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Announcing the Editorial Program for Skift Forum Europe
Mark your calendars — Skift Forum Europe is one month away! In just 30 days we'll meet you in Berlin for our immersive day-long conference examining Europe as a bellwether of the global travel industry. Tickets are selling out quickly, so sign up today!

What This Tokyo Bookstore Can Teach Travel About the Tech Backlash
In a world where actual connection is more important than ever as a technology backlash looms, how can travel brands create more human experiences through addictive shared spaces?

Skift Podcast: The Airbnb Threat to Hotels and Booking Sites
Airbnb always gives us plenty to talk about — and this episode of the Skift Podcast features a lively conversation about the many ways the homesharing company is venturing beyond its original focus and disrupting wide swaths of the travel industry.

Meeting Planners Need to Get Game for Esports
Nearly a billion people around the world will tune in to watch someone else play a video game this year. Digital events have become ingrained into the culture of millennials and Gen Z, and the sector is rapidly learning how to combine virtual entertainment with engaging real-life experiences. Event professionals need to pay attention to this evolution.

Skift Forum Europe Preview: Marriott Exec on the Luxury Evolution
Marriott's Tina Edmundson has plenty to say about the value of brands, and how hospitality companies need to respond to changing consumer demands and needs, especially when it comes to the lifestyle and luxury spaces.

Hilton Follows Marriott on Commission Cuts In New Challenge for Meeting Planners
The floodgates are now open for the larger hotel chains operating in North America to lower their commission rates for meetings alongside Marriott and Hilton. At a time when meeting space is limited and expensive, a wider shift will likely lead to a wave of consolidation for third-party meeting planners as they become less profitable.

What a China-U.S. Trade War Could Mean for the Travel Industry
This story covers the possible ramifications of a China-U.S. trade war from several angles. We don't immediately know how this will play out, but travel companies would be wise to pay close attention as the story unfolds.
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Airlines Fear Tariffs Will Stoke a U.S.-China Trade War
President Trump probably didn't consult many airline executives before announcing his China tariff plan. Airlines could be losers if this spurs a trade war.

Carnival Sees a ‘Hurricane Hangover’ in Parts of the Caribbean
Travelers held off on booking cruises to the Caribbean in the aftermath of the 2017 hurricanes. One big question is how many of them will want to risk sailing during this year's hurricane season — and at what prices.

Washington, D.C. March Shows Promise of Protest Tourism
Protests and marches are a phenomenon that D.C. tourism officials never asked for but are forced to reckon with. It's an ongoing reckoning that the city's tourism board is still figuring out in the digital age, and other destinations are taking cues.
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