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Note From the Editor

Well, there's bad news, and then there is bad news. First, the latest visitor arrival statistics for the United States show a significant downturn from January through June, which just so happens to coincide with the Trump presidency and all of the anti-foreigner rhetoric and policies emanating from the White House.

Second, American Airlines blames a computer glitch for the fact that it hasn't scheduled enough pilots to fly its planes over the upcoming holiday period in December. We knew there might be a looming pilot shortage in coming years, but we didn't figure it would revolve around scheduling miscues like this one.
What It's Like to Run a Kitchen in the Middle of Nowhere [SPONSORED]
Sponsored by JWU Online
McMurdo Station is a U.S. research center in Antarctica that houses the largest community on the continent—the population swells to over 1,000 in the summer—and a lot of logistics go into feeding employees literally in the middle of nowhere.
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Top Stories
SkiftX Webinar Dec 12: Reimagining Industry Thought Leadership In an Age of Storytelling
On Dec 12, SkiftX will be hosting a webinar that examines changing landscape of B2B content marketing and thought leadership, with actionable research-based insights provided by executives from SkiftX and Edelman. Sign up now.

Trump Slump Means U.S. Tourism Is Losing Visitors From Its Most Important Markets
The Trump slump is not only real; it's worse than anticipated. The much-coveted Chinese travelers, for instance, are looking to travel elsewhere for now.

American Airlines Potential Holiday Pilot Shortage, Explained
Let's hope American Airlines can find enough pilots willing to fly extra in December. Otherwise, it will be a mess for customers.

Skift Podcast: Finding Solutions for the Overtourism Dilemma
We've got your overtourism coverage. And we have some ideas for how to address the problem. Tune in for a valuable conversation.
Video: How Meeting Planners Are Tapping Into Tucson [SPONSORED]
Sponsored by Visit Tucson
Through injecting its rich culinary roots into local hotels and connecting planners into its creative downtown scene, Tucson is a case study for how destination marketers can help meeting planners realize the creative potential of a city by amplifying its unique assets beyond the convention center.
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eDreams Claims Being Transparent Is Actually Good Business
Who'd have thought not annoying your customers was good for business? On the other hand, the supposed turnaround just happens to fit in nicely with a potential sales process.

Meetings and Events Technology Alone Can’t Solve Accessibility Challenges
People with disabilities are often overlooked by event spaces and meeting planners. A new wave of innovation and technology can help make meetings and events more accessible, but lasting change needs to start with a focus on increasing accessibility during the planning process.

Southwest Takes Customer Service Seriously — Airline Innovation Report
When something goes wrong on a flight, Southwest tries to be proactive in communicating with customers. Is this the right approach? Or should Southwest wait until passengers complain?
Popular Now
Google Hotels Revamps Mobile Features as Its Ambitions Expand
Google wants consumers to buy more travel on it. That may prompt industry players to closely patrol the gray line between the search giant referring more customers to them and Google becoming customers' first choice for booking trips.

Marriott Edges Out Hyatt for Top Honors in J.D. Power’s Hotel Loyalty Survey
Should other hotel loyalty programs follow World of Hyatt's lead in being much more revenue-based and geared toward high-end travelers? This survey's findings seem to suggest it, but we have some reservations.

Airbnb Makes Good on Startup Acquisition With Launch of Split Payments for Group Travel
For anyone who's ever had to wrangle a payment from a friend for a trip, this new Airbnb payments feature is a very welcome early holiday present.
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