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Hotel Direct Bookings Still a Challenge: New Skift Research

Despite years of marketing campaigns to drive direct bookings, our look at hotel distribution shows that little has changed for most hotels and that driving room nights via first-party channels remains a difficult uphill battle.

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Upcoming Event: Skift Hospitality and Marketing Summit on June 16

Join us live at 11 a.m. EDT on June 16, as Skift editors and research analysts speak with leaders from across the sector to dive into the state of hospitality, the latest marketing strategies, how to prepare for the return of meetings and events, and the consumer shifts ahead at this important mid-point in the year.

4 Key Takeaways From Skift's Short-Term Rental and Outdoor Summit

Optimism about recovery, a wariness about the tricky nuances of each sector, and suppliers demanding respect from online brands were among the themes at the Skift Short-Term Rental and Outdoor Summit. Plus: the past year's boom isn't a one-off.

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Redoing the Airport Lounge Business for Post-Covid

Traveling can be nerve-racking and airline lounges have traditionally provided a place of respite for weary travelers. As the pandemic recovery continues and lounges are reopening, this is the time to add a dose of safety, healthy good food and innovations to win passengers back.

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Skift Pro Exclusive

How Asia's Pandemic Recovery Will Dismantle the Corporate Extended Stay Model Globally

Co-living, second-tier cities and apps that create sub communities — there's a shake-up on the horizon and hospitality companies can learn lessons from Asia.

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How Destinations Like Cannes With Slow Vaccine Rollouts Prepare for Covid-Safe Events

The biggest convention center in Cannes recently announced that it is introducing a medical concierge service as an added measure of protection against Covid-19. Will destinations continue to focus on Covid safety with vaccine rollouts in full swing?  

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AW Daily
Qantas, Virgin Australia Expand on Strong Domestic Travel Rebound in Oz

Both Qantas and Virgin Australia are adding more routes and bringing aircraft out of storage in anticipation of what they believe will be strong domestic travel demand. International flights — which before the pandemic were 66 percent of Qantas' capacity — are not expected to resume until the end of the year.

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U.S. Land Border Closures With Canada and Mexico Extend to June 21

Land border closures between the U.S. and Canada are likely to continue stretching for as long as vaccinations lag in Canada.

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Virtuo Raises $96 Million for Car Rental: Travel Startup Funding This Week

Startups announced funding rounds this week for businesses to make it easier to rent a car, to help hotels manage sales and catering for events, to help consumers plan in-destination meetings, to help travel companies create and sell wellness-themed packages, and other ideas.

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Will It Be Airbnb, Sonder — and Then Everyone Else?

Laurence Tosi and Allen Mask both have skin in the game when it comes to the prospects of Airbnb and Sonder. Are they downplaying Airbnb's challenges, and Sonder's breakout potential?

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Accor May Use SPAC to Own Real Estate While Still Trumpeting Asset-Light Strategy

Accor doesn't want to own real estate, but it does want to throttle ahead with growth in the lifestyle hotel sector — where many of the remaining independent operators own their real estate. A SPAC can help Accor balance this kind of conflict in future acquisitions.

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Outdoor Travel Firms Get Creative to Hook First-Timers on Fresh Air

The outdoor sector is travel's hottest right now, and it sure looks like it won't be cooling down after the pandemic.

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