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New Zealand-based travel management company Serko has undergone some big changes over the past year and a half. The company in 2018 launched Zeno, its comprehensive booking app powered by artificial intelligence, emphasizing tech features and user experience. A few months later, the startup brought Zeno to the United States, and Serko nearly doubled its headcount in May.

The company now is emphasizing its global expansion, seeking to sink its roots deeper into North America and continental Europe. The travel management platform is employing a partnership strategy, signing agreements with key players such as CWT and Flight Centre to expand its inventory and reach new markets.

Most recently, the company expanded its agreement with Booking Holdings, which Serko CEO Darrin Grafton views as proof of Zeno's viability as a global product. Both at home and abroad, the number of Zeno customers has been steadily increasing, the company reported in an earnings release Wednesday.

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