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How a Pandemic Helped Expedia’s Vrbo Fix Its Google Problem

Vrbo is benefiting from a ton of direct traffic because vacation rentals are having a moment, and competitors' paid marketing through Google fell off a cliff. The brand will likely get some sustainable benefit from the lift, but the dynamic can change in a heartbeat.

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Executive Q&A: Why Covid-19 Will Bring a Shift Toward Personalized, Experiential-Based Loyalty Programs
Sponsored by Salesforce

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown that travel brands need to rethink consumer trust and loyalty to adapt to the new normal and truly deliver the personalized experiences that today's customers expect. The stakes are higher than ever.

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Why Hilton and Other Hotels May Not Like This Joe Biden Tax Proposal

The so-called 1031 exchanges are tax deferrals on profitable real estate that, at face value, seem like a no-brainer to repeal and generate revenue. But the coronavirus pandemic's negative impact on hotel building values should cause Washington to reconsider eliminating the provision.

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Travel Companies Struggle With Chaotic Surges in Bookings When Restrictions Lift

Living with haphazard spikes in travel bookings is the new abnormal. Few brands are ready. But those that are prepped will take market share.

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How We Retooled Skift Global Forum for a Changed Travel World

This September, Skift Global Forum 2020 will present the frank, transparent ideas the industry needs as it faces its greatest crisis. As an online global conference, Skift editors will lead in-depth conversations with leaders as they work to rebuild the industry.

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AW Daily
Airbus Orders Plunge

Airbus's first-half 2019 results read almost like fantasy fiction now, after looking at the airframer's first-half 2020 results. Then, Airbus was flying high on the strength of its A320 family, the uptake of the A220, and the growing popularity of the A350. And the Boeing 737 MAX grounding was beginning to have a positive effect …

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Traveloka Raises $250 Million for Online Travel: Travel Startup Funding This Week

Jakarta-based agency Traveloka, South Korea-based agency MyRealTrip, and Colombia-based agency Awake Travel are among the travel startups that together announced more than $297 million in funding this week.

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Don't Miss Mondays Live With Skift Airline Weekly

Join Brett "The Cranky Flier" Snyder and Airline Weekly Editor Madhu Unnikrishnan for a look back on the second quarter and what those grim financial results may augur for the fall. Join us for a livestream at 12 p.m. EDT, on Monday, August 3.

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Wyndham Destinations Looks to Put Millennials Into Urban Timeshares

Wyndham Destinations' ongoing urban push, including a new resort slated for Atlanta, is out to prove this travel sector isn't like your grandparents' old timeshare in the Bahamas.

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This Stationary Life …

We have always assumed constant movement is better. I am questioning that now, in an extended lockdown world …

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Imagining Travel in the Year Ahead: Skift’s 8th Anniversary Edition

We may have asked our reporters and editors to do the impossible task for this year's Skift anniversary. Tell us what travel will look like when we celebrate our 9th year in 2021. What you will read, of course, is the most accurate snapshot yet of where we could be next year.

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