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When Mexico closed its tourism board in February, it wasn't just leisure travel that was harmed. It raised doubts within the events industry as well, as destinations lost much of their funding. Bigger destinations have mostly been able to get along just fine, but smaller destinations have been hurt.

Even among the bigger destinations, however, Los Cabos emerged as something of a leader. The resort city's event strategy, which it redesigned after the board dissolved, is so strong that other destinations are paying attention. The board is entirely funded by a private trust, and it has a unique meetings program.

Los Cabos isn't keeping this information to itself. The city is working with other destinations to help them follow the same path. Rodrigo Esponda, managing director of Visit Los Cabos, talked to Skift about what Los Cabos is doing and what has changed since the closure in February.

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Los Cabos Is a Model for Mexico’s Events Industry After Tourism Board Closure

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