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The boutique hotel trend has started to reach the events industry over the past couple years. It's no stretch to assume that planners and attendees alike are sick of huge, fluorescent-lit conference centers and generic board rooms. More event professionals are looking for modern, offbeat places to impress their guests as well as food that's fresh and local.

This has provided a space for boutique venue providers to grow. Companies like London-based Etc. Venues and New York-based Convene are carving out a niche for themselves, leasing unique meeting rooms, redesigning them, and providing high-end food and tech support for planners. The niche is starting to get crowded, though, as competition heats up globally.

Etc. Venues recently made its first step into the U.S. market, with three New York venues slated to open sometime next year. The company will be competing directly with Convene and believes it can succeed by focusing exclusively on small and midsize meetings in select cities.

Nick Hoare, chief operating officer of Etc. Venues, talked to Skift about the differences between the events industry in Europe and the United States and how the company plans to grow beyond New York.

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As the boutique trend sweeps the events industry, a handful of venue providers are jostling for top spot. London's Etc. Venues thinks its "laser focus" will allow it to stand out in the United States, but will it be able to compete with more established U.S. players like Convene?

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