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All luxury travel brands face a challenge when it comes to reminding consumers that they have something travelers may want to buy. Today we have two stories — one about luggage brands and content marketing, the other about how well luxury brands work social media — that provide insight into how successful brands do this, or at least try to do this.

We also talk with travel advisors about the impact hurricanes in and around the Caribbean have had on winter planning by U.S. travelers. Short story: They're looking further afield.
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4 Looks at Luxury
Luxury Travelers Seek Winter Alternatives to Hard-Hit Caribbean Destinations
No doubt destinations are hoping that visitors will return when islands have a chance to recover and clean up. Old habits and geography are in their favor.

American Airlines Teams With Casper for In-Flight Bedding and a Hipper Appeal
American and Casper will soon be working together to bring custom-designed bedding to the airline's long-haul flights. A hipper brand such as Casper may resonate better with younger flyers than legacy brands such as Westin or Saks.

Luxury Brands Are Beating Mass-Market Brands Across Social Media
Fashion luxury brands generally tend to be ahead of travel brands in terms of marketing innovation and sophistication. We'll continue to watch this space.

Luxury Luggage Raises the Bar for Sophisticated Content Marketing
The travel space is rich with content meaning it's not if, but how luggage brands craft their messages of exploration and sophistication that will ultimately resonate with the customer.
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