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We have a demographic-heavy focus today, with one story focused on that M-word demo and another on a demo that doesn't have quite so catchy a name but does have significant buying power. Whenever we talk demos, we try to stress that it's more about mindset than it is about actual age. Consumer behavior rarely has to show ID, and you're as likely to find a certain kind of Baby Boomer using WhatsApp with their friend as you are a millennial (there, we said it) wanting face-to-face service. Understanding when their needs both converge and diverge is key to any travel marketer who wants to stay relevant.
Skift Global Forum's Mobile App Is Live + New Q&A Tool
The Skift Global Forum app is now live! Within the app, our guests will be able to participate in Q&As with our speakers and message other attendees. What's the catch? You have to be a ticket holder to gain access to the app, so don't delay, and register now!
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5 Looks at Luxury
Tourism Boards Team Up to Attract High-Yield International Visitors
High-end travelers are much more likely to embark on a very long-haul flight to a new destination than are budget tourists, so it is wise for the boards to focus on big spenders for any partnership.

Interview: Designing for Millennials and the Future of Hotels
The future of hotel design might be on a smaller scale, but Yabu Pushelberg knows the design aspirations and expectations will be even greater than they have been before.

The Demographic That Luxury Travel Marketers Forgot About
Given their relative wealth and amount of free time, mid-lifers — otherwise known as the youngest baby boomers and the oldest Gen Xers — don't seem to be getting the proper respect and attention from travel marketers. A new report suggests that luxury marketers that ignore this group do so at their own peril.

Supersonic Flights Could Be a Thing Again If the Market Is Large Enough
We think there's probably demand for this airplane for transatlantic routes. Wouldn't it be great to fly between London and New York in fewer than three hours? But the airplane would have to make a fuel stop on longer routes, so it might be less useful from, say, Tokyo to Los Angeles or London.

Taj Hotels Has a New CEO
Taj Hotels has been around for more than a century but the company remains a smaller player. No doubt The Indian Hotels Company hopes Chhatwal can help the group become an even bigger global player by growing its portfolio and brand recognition worldwide.
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