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Today in Restaurants

Celebrity-led restaurants are often easier to poke fun at than regard as serious businesses. (See: The Salt Bae monstrosity; anything Guy Fieri puts a finger on.) Danny Trejo, however, is a different story. The prolific actor opened up a chain of taco shops in 2016, splattering his face on everything from the hot sauce bottles to the side of the restaurant buildings. In case it wasn't clear from the Trejo's Tacos name, this was Danny Trejo's line of taco shops and he was fully backing the chain.

A couple years later, it's clear that the heavy-handed approach was the right way to go. Trejo's Tacos is continuing to expand and develop new forms, including a Cantina concept and coffee and donut shops. The success is a relief to Trejo's two business partners, first-time restaurateurs Ash Shah and Jeff Georgino.

"There have been so many bad celebrity restaurants that people assume it will be bad," Shah told Skift Table. "We want to be better than the other guys. We just put our spin on it."

So far, it's working.

Featured Story
Danny Trejo Proves Celebrity Restaurants Can Work

It was never Danny Trejo's goal to open a chain of Mexican restaurants, but when the opportunity presented itself, he jumped at the chance. Now with only two other partners, he has a string of Trejo's Tacos, Cantinas and Coffee & Donuts shops around Los Angeles, with more cities targeted for 2019.

Top stories
Papa John's Founder Will Resign From Company Board

Skift Take: What a whirlwind the past eight months have been for Papa John's. After a long battle with its former chairman, the company can now focus on putting Starboard's recent $200 million investment to good use.

Zomato to Sell UAE Food Delivery Business for $172 Million

Skift Take: Yet another third-party service sells off its delivery business in a foreign market.

Fast Food Once Again Served At White House Sports Event

Skift Take: There's no government shutdown to blame this time, but we're sure McDonald's and Chick-fil-A are thankful for the business.

Has #MeToo Been Bad for Restaurant Business?

Skift Take: A series of high-profile articles outed bad behavior to a receptive public, but in the case of plenty of high-profile restaurants, said bad behavior doesn't mean bad business.

The New Yorker
The Female Chef Making Japan's Most Elaborate Cuisine Her Own

Skift Take: Niki Nakayama's n/naka in Los Angeles is more than a coveted reservation, it's a case study in the art of perfection — and building a female-lead business in a traditional male-dominated field.

The Secret Lives of Private Chefs

Skift Take: A decade ago, personal chef-ing was a way into restaurant kitchens. Now the tables have turned, thanks in part to the rising costs associated with restaurant operations.

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