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The advice usually given to restaurant entrepreneurs looking to open up in a new market often looks like this: Start small, test the waters, maybe look for pop-up opportunities to feel out the new area.

Or, you could make like Tartine and sweep into Los Angeles with a 40,000-square-foot ode to baking. The flagship was ambitious on every scale, from the technology involved to the hundreds of people needed to staff the operation. But, as co-owners Chad Robertson and Elisabeth Prueitt told Skift Table contributor Lesley Balla, now was the time to expand Tartine's empire.

And now that the sprawling Los Angeles outpost is open, Robertson and Prueitt are already turning their attention toward more growth for the brand. Most exciting to me? The expansion of Tartine All Day cafes, breaking ground first in Silver Lake, Santa Monica, and West Hollywood.

Featured Story
How World-Renowned Tartine Bakery Tackled Its Most Ambitious Project Yet

Tartine Bakery has been a San Francisco staple since 2002, but now it's a global brand, with seven locations around the world. Here's how (and why) it tackled its largest and most ambitious project to date: an expansive 40,000-square-foot bakery, cafe, and restaurant complex in Los Angeles.

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Top Stories
There’s Another Restaurant Awards Show on the Way

Skift Take: The cheeky categories and promises to be different (no doubt learned the hard way by the World's 50 Best founder) actually make this awards show sound fun.

Philadelphia City Council Approves Bill Banning Cashless Stores

Skift Take: It's not a done deal yet, but the votes in favor of the ban don't bode well for the cashless fast casual chains popping up around the city.

Starbucks Will Open an All-Day Restaurant in Shanghai

Skift Take: Starbucks' renewed focus on China comes as it has rethought strategies in other global markets. Where laissez-faire works in Europe, it doesn't in China.

Chicago Tribune
Will a Higher Minimum Wage in Illinois Prompt More Automation?

Skift Take: The short answer is yes, but it's not the only reason. The higher minimum wage is one factor influencing an overall rise in labor costs, not to mention the difficulty in hiring and staffing effectively for restaurants.

Los Angeles Magazine
Jon & Vinny's Started a "Club" and Brentwood Is Going Nuts

Skift Take: Not the first restaurant to charge $100 a person for forgetting to cancel reservations, and it certainly will not be the last. Demand for these popular dining spots could make this model sustainable.

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