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Introducing the Skift Health Score: Assessing the Viability of 100 Public Travel Companies Each Month

How are the global travel companies weathering the once-in-a-century coronavirus storm and what are their prospects for recovery? The new Skift Health Score has the quantified answer through a well-vetted unique score. Dig in.

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Travel's Loyalty Renaissance: Moving From Points to Personalization [Session Video]
Sponsored by Salesforce

In this video from Skift's Travel's Path Forward: Loyalty summit, we learn more about how loyalty strategies are evolving in the travel industry as brands look to deliver more value and better experiences to customers.

How Southwest Plans to Shrink by 25 Percent But Not Lay Off Workers

By any measure, the second quarter has been historically awful for the U.S. airline industry, and Southwest was no exception. Green shoots at the start of the quarter have been crushed as Covid-19 continues to rampage across the U.S.

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Kayak CEO Hints Company May Get Into the Hotel Business

It's tough to say in what form Kayak would enter the hotel business, if it does. If there ever were a Kayak-branded hotel, it's safe to say that Marriott and Accor have nothing to worry about.

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Pandemic Spurs American Airlines to Make Long-Needed Changes to Coastal Strategy in U.S.

When an airline makes billions of dollars in profits, it can afford to keep some unprofitable routes for strategic reasons. But not anymore.

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Join Us on September 21-23 for the Premier Global Conference

Skift Global Forum 2020 is getting bigger and broader this year with our new online experience. Join us on September 21-23 for our flagship global conference as we discuss what 2021 and beyond will look like for travel in pandemic-world.

Alaska Airlines President Wants Competitors to Stop Dumping Cheap Seats

Consumers probably would love it if airlines sold more seats than they could reasonably fill because they would see bargain fares. But a race to the bottom could be disastrous for the industry. The situation is bad enough as it is. If airlines must compete by selling bargain fares, some carriers would be in peril.

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Private Equity Investor Blackstone Downplays Its Pain From Battered Hotels

Blackstone may not have a lot of exposure to the hotel industry today, but that doesn't mean the investment firm isn't on the hunt for distressed hospitality investment opportunities during the pandemic.

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Spirit Airlines Is Betting on Its Recession-Resilient Low-Cost Model: Will It Work This Time?

Low-cost airlines have been able to have some success in previous downturns. Will history repeat itself for Spirit?

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Don't Miss Mondays Live With Skift Airline Weekly

Join Skift Senior Aviation Business Editor Brian Sumers and Skift Airline Weekly Editor Madhu Unnikrishnan for a discussion on why airlines are asking the European Union and the U.S. to lift travel restrictions, even as the pandemic continues to rage. And we'll talk about the last quarter for U.S. airlines. Join us for a livestream at 12 p.m. EDT on Monday, July 27.

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Cruise Lines’ Booking Practices in a Pandemic Are ‘Astonishing’: CDC Official

Cruise lines have been selling tickets for cruises all spring and summer long, despite it now being quite clear they were not ready to safely resume sailing. What gives?

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Travelport Strikes Deal With Creditors That For Now Could Save It From Bankruptcy

The existence of the deal, previously unreported, should reassure anyone about the travel tech company's near-term stability.

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United Execs Predict Airlines Will Only See Half the Demand Until a Vaccine Arrives

After revealing some rough earnings on Tuesday night, United is trying to weather the storm of the pandemic. But executives said it's going to be hard — really hard until a vaccine is widely available.

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