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What Shape Would the Travel Industry Recovery Look Like? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Depending on how much of an optimist or realist or pessimist you are these days, you can certainly find your travel industry recovery shape in this one slide from McKinsey here.

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Skift Survey: We Want to Hear From You

Even in this moment of uncertainty, today's smartest travel businesses are still planning for the future. Help us understand how your travel business is navigating the digital transformation process by taking Skift's 2020 digital transformation survey. The results will be released in a report publishing later this year.

Is Booking in Better Shape for a Recovery Than Airbnb and Expedia?

The battle between Booking Holdings, Airbnb, and Expedia is not just about which one will emerge with the thickest wad of cash. It is also about business models, revenue stream diversity, and product offerings meshing the best with traveler behavior that may never be the same.

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European Governments Weigh If It’s Time to Let Some Airlines Disappear

If the goal is efficient transportation in Europe, politicians may consider only bailing out the five biggest EU airline groups. But many other airlines are expected to receive significant government funds, partly for reasons of national pride.

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Expect Hotels to Mimic the Airline Merger Playbook After the Last Recession

Smaller hotel chains likely face two choices coming out of the coronavirus crisis: shutter completely or consolidate into a bigger brand.

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Announcing Topics and Dates for Our Travel's Path Forward Series

Skift has launched a series of online summits to provide tactical ideas, critical analysis, and perspectives on the solutions needed during this pandemic. Each online summit will focus on a unique sector within travel, featuring Skift editors in conversation with industry leaders, all sharing their perspectives on "Travel's Path Forward."

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8 Travel Recovery Zingers From Y Combinator’s Adam Goldstein: The Long View This Week

Regardless of the shape of the travel recovery, it's clear that travel startups will be behind the curve. Many investors were already wary of funding new travel companies, but now they'll have to worry whether the next pandemic will shut them down anew.

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How Short-Term Rentals Are Faring Better Online Than Hotels During Crisis: New Skift Research

Many short-term rentals offer extra space and control over your living environment. Both attributed highly valued during this time of pandemic. Nothing's decided yet, but some early evidence suggests that short-term rentals might be doing less worse than traditional hotels peers.

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What You Missed on the Coronavirus Liveblog

If you're not reading our coronavirus and travel liveblog, you're missing out. On Friday, we highlighted short-term rental business Stay Alfred suspending operations, private investors considering bids for Virgin Australia, and Cathay Pacific cutting nearly 300 U.S. jobs.

Editor's Picks
A Love Letter to Our Favorite Cities in Lockdown

Cities will still be the economic, creative, multicultural hubs of the world, and I, for one, am looking forward to living in and visiting them again. Listen to this for 30 minutes and rediscover why.

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Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky Was Actively Working on Going Public When Bookings Dried Up

Airbnb's Chesky undoubtably still has that S-1 document in a laptop somewhere. With the pandemic lowering Airbnb's valuation by billions, that document will need a total rewrite. And with all that's going on in the world, it's difficult to even contemplate an eventual public listing right now.

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Singapore Shows What the New Clean Is With Audit Initiative for Hotels

Guests trust hotels to be clean. Post-coronavirus, they want proof. Some will want it even in the contract. One country, Singapore, is helping its hotels nationwide to show proof with a new audit and certification.

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