January 6, 2022
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These under-appreciated storylines that have been less explored in 2021 will have big implications in travel in the coming year and beyond, our founder Rafat Ali says. Listen in to hear more.

Branded collections are a way for hotel companies to meet the emerging needs of both independent hoteliers and today's traveler. Accor is staking a claim in the space in a big way, adding a second branded collection to its portfolio.


Behind the investor appetite as American Express Global Business Travel prepares to go public.

This is what action looks like, if Caribbean tourism is to build back better. Investment in technology, a solid private-public relationship, and homegrown talent driving the framework and the narrative.

Travelport has been running a slick marketing campaign about its innovations that showcases dancers and snowboarders. But we wanted the nerdy details about what's technologically changing. So here's the first in-depth interview with the company's new tech chief.

One of our biggest franchises, Megatrends, is coming back as an online event on January 19! Join our Skift editors and research analysts as they share our forecasts and predictions for the travel industry in the year ahead.


CES is being held in person for the first time in two years, but the move is proving divisive. Critics have called for its cancelation while major exhibitors have pulled out — yet 40,000 to 60,000 visitors and over 2,200 exhibitors are voting yes with their feet.

Allegiant Air, which long operated an all-Airbus fleet, surprised everyone with its order for up to 100 Boeing 737 Maxes. The Las Vegas-based budget airline says the move is "opportunistic," but whatever it is, it's a shot in the arm for beleaguered Boeing.

This doesn't seem like an auspicious moment to build up to six new cruise ships. But, weighed down in debt, TUI claims to have investors willing to finance hotels and ships.

Cuba wasn't in any way going to go all the way and close its doors to foreign tourism despite the rise in Covid cases — especially since most of its citizens have already been vaccinated. Plus, the country's economy is in desperate need of a boost from overseas visitors.

More governments will likely follow the lead of Ireland - especially as they realize increased testing of prospective foreign visitors won't stop Omicron's spread.

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Two years of talking. Now's the time for bold action.

Worth a read, not just to appreciate the transparency into the product-led thinking of a giant, now-iconic company but also to just get inspired by some of these suggestions, and who knows, more startups to come out of these ideas.

Several travel-oriented, special purpose acquisition companies are out there that have not announced merger partners. A SPAC glut and the lackluster performance of several online travel or short-term rental companies that recently went public could have some of the hunters coming up empty.

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