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10 Shared Learnings for Travel & Tourism One Year Into the Pandemic

People have had a year to consider the perilous state of the planet, and they're unimpressed. As borders reopen, sustainable, responsible, and regenerative travel will need to be reimagined, because the tourism sector is about to be in the eco-cross hairs.

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Amadeus Teams With Microsoft: Take That Sabre and Google

Battling huge losses, and ongoing travel restrictions in Europe, Amadeus' decision to team up with the technology titan could pay off — but the race is on to deliver something tangible as rival Sabre gets to work with Google.

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Google Drops Costs for Hotels and Resellers to List Rates in Price-Comparison Search

In a switch, Google is inviting hotels and online travel resellers to drive bookings through its price-comparison search for free. Well, free for now, at least.

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Tripadvisor’s New Subscription Service Edges the Company Toward Online Travel Agency Status

Years ago, before it acquired Viator, Tripadvisor was purely an advertising/media company. Today, with its big bet on the Tripadvisor Plus subscription program, the company is becoming much more of a hybrid advertising/booking site. That is certainly one of the calculations that the hotel industry is considering.

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Kayak Moves Into Hotels by Opening Miami Beach Property in Partnership With Life House

Skift has long speculated that online travel agencies might launch soft brands, and now Kayak is attempting to do so during a dire moment for the hotel industry. Whether independent hotels would see any value in using a software package through the Kayak app is a wide open question.

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Vacasa to Buy TurnKey in Ongoing Rollup Led by Private Equity

This deal cements Vacasa status as the largest full-service property manager for whole-home vacation rentals in the U.S. That makes it a rare pure-play bet on alternative accommodations for its private equity backers, which have prompted Vacasa to consolidate more of the sector.

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Editor's Picks
How the U.S. Travel Sector Benefits (and Doesn't) From $1.9 Trillion in Covid Relief

The $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan is a massive life raft to many travel companies, but industry groups still want more targeted relief and stimulus to accelerate a full recovery that could be years away.

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Botswana Wildlife Camps Prepare for Evolved Post-Pandemic Travelers

Throughout the pandemic, people started to realize that we've loved our planet nearly to death — quite literally. Will we be able to heal our relationship with Mother Nature as the industry attempts to redefine sustainable travel?

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How One Travel Newsletter Confronted the Pandemic and Changed Its Narrative

Much has been made about how the pandemic has affected so many travel businesses. But what about travel media? Interviews with the creators of one travel newsletter reveal the larger dilemma of when to encourage travel, and when you do the complete opposite.

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