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Travel's Reopening: A Global Timeline From the Skift Team

Our Reopening Timeline explains the when and the where of how the reopening and potential recovery of travel goes from here. Check it out at

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Skift Forum Europe
Skift Survey: Accelerating Tourism Recovery 2020

Destination leaders are working hard to meet the needs of travelers, industry partners, and locals during this time. The path forward is unique to every destination. In this survey, we ask destination leaders to share their outlook and perspective on what's needed to forge ahead towards recovery and resiliency.

Your Guide to Hotel Companies’ Coronavirus Safety and Cleaning Initiatives

Hotel companies' similar new and heightened health and safety standards don't leave a lot of room for brand distinction unless the brand is the one lacking a new approach to cleaning.

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Asia’s Genting Cruise Lines to Offer Short Sailings Without Any Stops in Ports

Unlike North America and Europe where cruising already has a loyal following — and critics in equal measures — Asia's nascent cruise market also means the region's travelers are likely more malleable and open in their impressions of cruising in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

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Hilton CEO Says Comeback Depends on How Quickly Contactless Tech Features Roll Out

Hotel tech innovations that were just beginning to roll out before coronavirus will likely become tech necessities, as companies look to limit guest interactions and do everything they can to assure a safe stay.

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New Hotels Webinar on May 28

Join us for our latest webinar — Travel's Path Forward: Hotels at 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m. ET on May 28. The event will feature Skift editors in conversation with leaders in the industry to dive into the key challenges, crisis management, and solutions needed for the hotel industry. Registration is open so book now.

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Expedia Group CEO Peter Kern on Navigating a Frenemy Relationship With Airbnb

Many companies won't reopen for business when coronavirus ebbs, but two that will definitely still be left standing will be Expedia Group and Airbnb. They could potentially find ways to cooperate in the face of bigger threats in the form of Google and

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More U.S. Consumers Plan to Spend More on Travel Over Next 12 Months Than Before the Pandemic: Skift’s Latest Travel Tracker

When and how consumers will travel again might have a lot to do with how their lives are impacted by Covid-19. Our April travel tracker analysis delves into the details.

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Editor's Picks
What Is the Future of Vacations?

Vacations reveal a lot about a society's optimism, its outlook, and expectation of prosperity. After a generationally defining event like Covid-19, it would be foolish to assume vacations will look the same.

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Covid’s Airlines Paradox: The Losers Are the Winners

For the world's weakest airlines, the current crisis brings a new lease on life. The pandemic's fallout has turned what were dead-end business models into models with a much greater chance of success.

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Wellness Hospitality Will See New Models Emerge in Wake of Pandemic

Having a robust wellness tourism industry built on science-based approaches will be a positive that can come from a damaging pandemic.

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