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Airbnb Eliminates Some Guest Fees to Take on Booking Holdings

Airbnb is clearly now well down the path toward a host-only fee structure. Chalk it up to its push toward onboarding hotels, which don't charge guest fees, and Airbnb's competition with Booking.com, which sees guest fees as unholy.

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American Airlines Launches 9 New Seasonal Routes to Europe
Sponsored by American Airlines

American Airlines is once again expanding its seasonal service to traditionally less-trafficked destinations in Europe where tourism growth is reaching new highs.

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Why Luxury Travel Purveyors Should Pay Attention to Generation Z

While most members of Generation Z have yet to make a substantial income, they are having unexpected influence over family travel decisions. That's why travel marketers need to start paying attention to this new generation of consumers. Sorry, millennials.

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Agoda CEO: Online Travel Is Becoming Like the Game of Thrones

Agoda has been an online travel leader in Asia for more than a decade. CEO John Brown doesn't doubt that it will stay the same, but the new competition sure indicates winter is coming.

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U.S. Airlines Add Untapped International Routes in Next Stage of Growth

When U.S. airlines started making money again several years ago, they added flights to some of the biggest business destinations. But they have mostly filled in those gaps, so now they're taking chances on more unusual routes. Some will surely fail.

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Skift Tech Forum Opening Event: RSVP Now

We are pleased to announce that the opening reception for Skift Tech Forum will be held at E&O Kitchen and Bar in San Francisco on June 26. The opening event will be a laid-back night of food, drinks, and networking prior to a jam-packed day of learning. Want to join us at Skift Tech Forum? Click below to learn more and to register.

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Singapore Airlines CEO Lays Out Challenges Without Any Domestic Routes

In a rare appearance at Skift Forum Asia, Singapore Airlines CEO Goh Choon Phong says the carrier is in a unique position: It doesn't operate a single domestic route. So it has to make up for the valuable revenue stream it lacks from domestic traffic feed by competing aggressively in a fragmented market.

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Editor's Picks
Airbnb Tests Hotel Integration by Adding Some HotelTonight Partners

It will be tremendously complex for Airbnb to transition from an alternative accommodations site into one that also offers lots of hotels. The coming business model changes and technology challenges will get sorted out, but it will be rocky for quite some time.

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United President Warns New Low-Cost Carriers Can’t Control Their Business Model

Network airlines have long sought to drive out low-cost carriers by matching fares in certain markets. But now, equipped with basic economy fares and other options, United Airlines' Kirby vows to match the fares of new entrants in a much more rigorous way.

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The Anti-Flying Movement Is Slowly Starting to Hurt European Airlines

A lot of people feel guilty about flying, but the number prepared to give it up is still pretty small. That's not to say it can't grow, especially as climate change becomes more of a priority. Should we all have the right to cheap flights, even if they are helping to destroy the planet?

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