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This was an incredible week here at Skift as our editorial and research teams went above and beyond the duty covering Airbnb's IPO news and then our inaugural Skift Aviation Forum. We decided to devote this newsletter today to that exceptional coverage. Enjoy.

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Airbnb Considers OTAs as Biggest Competitors, Not Hotels

How Airbnb sees itself matters, for many reasons it lists in its IPO documents. Fascinating read into the mind of a big disruptor in the global travel sector.

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Meet the Innovators Behind Canada's Thriving Sectors
Sponsored by Destination Canada

This year, as the tourism industry began to navigate through the global pandemic, destination marketing organizations (DMOs) redefined how they deliver value to the industry and community stakeholders. Read our content series below to learn how Destination Canada is leading the way with a new DMO Strategy.

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The Best of Skift's Airbnb IPO Coverage
How Seasonality Drives Airbnb's Volatile Earnings: Skift Research Analysis

To everything there is a season. And for Airbnb, that season is the third quarter.

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Airbnb Gets More Brand Punch From Its Marketing Spend, Numbers Show

Airbnb's secret sauce is its brand, which allowed it to buck the conventional wisdom and successfully compete against far larger incumbents. Can it maintain that direct traffic advantage if it hopes to scale?

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What’s Left Unanswered in Airbnb’s IPO Filing

What are the prospects of Airbnb becoming a full-service online travel agency with the ability to go head-to-head with We know from the S-1 statement that Airbnb isn't profitable and you can walk away from reading the massive document without great insight into so many potential growth initiatives.

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Airbnb Well-Positioned Versus Peers Despite Pandemic Setback, IPO Filing Reveals

Despite the Covid-19 hit, Airbnb stands above its fellow travel rivals due to its ability to continue to book sales during the crisis and turn those stays into cash flow.

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Register Today for the Short-Term Rental & Outdoor Summit on December 9-10

We're about three weeks away from our second annual Skift Short-Term Rental & Outdoor Summit online event. Join us for this summit as we discuss the key players, map the post-pandemic landscape, consider shifts in consumer behavior, share new research, and identify the growth potential for both short-term rentals and outdoor travel companies as this landscape rapidly challenges.

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North American Bookings Surge Helped Airbnb in 2020 Revival, Overtaking Europe

Lax travel lockdowns and regulations means U.S. and North America overall was much better for Airbnb this year, but will this trend continue in years to come?

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Airbnb’s Distribution Strength Could Pressure Online Travel Giants and Woo Hotels

The typical Airbnb review talks up a rental's charms while overlooking vital information. The company's stock prospectus similarly skips some key details for understanding its business. But we can still infer a few things about the distribution dynamo.

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The Best of Skift Aviation Forum
5 Key Takeaways From Skift Aviation Forum

The airline industry may be hobbled now, but industry leaders at the Skift Aviation Forum saw some hope. Much, of course, depends on the trajectory of the pandemic and the efficacy of vaccines. But the glory days aren't returning any time soon.

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What’s Next for Airlines? Watch Southwest CEO Offer Predictions for 2021 and Beyond

Effective vaccines are one thing. Southwest and other airlines still need to gain the trust of event planners before they can bank on recovery momentum.

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Business Travel Is Coming Back: Top Execs at American Airlines and Dallas-Forth Worth Airport

You can debate about in-flight studies on the risk of spreading infection. But American Airlines at least has the hard evidence that its guest-facing workers have a reported lower infection rate than the company as a whole or than the urban areas where they tend to work. That bodes well for a business travel rebound.

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Vaccine Euphoria Isn’t Deterring United From Conservative Approach as Year-End Cancellations Rise

In spite of a rise in holiday flight cancellations, United Airlines remains confident for the long-term return of business and international travel — there is pent-up travel demand and the airline has had success with its early pre-flight testing programs. Still, even with a vaccine on the horizon, the airline remains cautious.

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Southwest CEO on the Fight to Pare Losses and Avoid First Layoffs in 50 Years

You know times are tough when a domestic airline with strong leisure roots like Southwest Airlines is in danger of breaking a half-century tradition of no layoffs or furloughs.

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CEOs From Air France and Ryanair See Different Flight Paths to a Travel Recovery

There's a fascinating difference of opinion between the top bosses of Air France and Ryanair on competitiveness, fairness, and the value of testing at airports.

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