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Why the Business of All-Inclusive Resorts Will Never Be the Same

Luxury all-inclusive resorts may be optimistic about the future post-pandemic, but profits will come alongside heightened green challenges. Then there's an increasingly demanding, socially conscious consumer. Can the resorts return to their former stature as the fast-growing sector of accommodations?

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Next Event: Business Travel and Future of Work Summit
New Report: 5 Trends That Will Define the Future of Business Travel
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The corporate travel sector is evolving in response to the dramatic changes caused by Covid-19. But what does the future hold? Skift and TripActions explore what's next for this critical sector in this new report.

Philippines Faces Staggering Road to Recovery as Southeast Asia’s Most Tourism-Dependent Destination

As the Southeast Asian country that depends the most on tourism, the Philippines will have to work doubly hard to shed its underachiever image in the post-pandemic world.

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Skift Pro Exclusive

Airbnb’s Host Dilemma — 5 Percent Control Nearly a Third of All Rentals 🔒

New data from AirDNA show that corporate hosts wield huge power on Airbnb's platform despite the fact that individual hosts make up more than 90 percent of hosting's ranks. Airbnb is empowering the growth of these property managers, but the result could be disenchanted hosts and guests.

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What SoHo House Going Public Says About the Future of Luxury Travel

Even if luxury travel bounces back quickly, there may be a ceiling on how well an exclusive, members-only club like SoHo House will do during the pandemic recovery relative to traditional, luxury hotel competitors.

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Agenda Is Live — Skift Business Travel and Future of Work Summit

Now that the agenda is live, you can see our speaker lineup and the topics we'll cover. Don't miss out on the honest insights and new connections you need to stay ahead in 2021. Join us live or watch on-demand after the summit.

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Why Omni and Loews Opted for Partnership Over a Merger

Loews and Omni's closer working relationship is more about maintaining their respective independence rather than setting the stage for an eventual merger, or so company leaders say.

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Hertz Looks to Travel Investor Certares to Lead It Out of Bankruptcy in $4.2 Billion Reorganization

It will certainly be a challenge to transform Hertz's business. However, the car rental company is not only getting a financial lifeline, but also an assist from private equity firm Certares' wide-ranging travel rollup strategy. This will be a long-term play.

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Editor's Picks
Is Travel a Right or a Privilege Post-Covid? The Skift Team Discusses

Our collective aspirations to travel are fueling a lot of important conversations about a recovery, and what travel should be about on the other side. Read the Skift team's back-and-forth on these topics around our virtual water cooler from Wednesday afternoon.

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Electric Aircraft Are Coming, Just Not as Soon As You Think

Electric aircraft are an inevitable step for commercial aviation with the heightened focus on carbon emissions. Numerous companies are vying to develop this new technology but, with engines still in the works and a lengthy certification runway ahead, when is everyones' guess.

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The Great Unbundling of Events

Events played a critical role in both building community and generating revenue. But the forced pause in events, like the forced pause of the office, will lead to lasting changes, even if those who depend on events as a high-margin revenue source want them to snap back to how they were.

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