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American Express Removes Free Airport Lounge Meal Benefit From Platinum Cards

A key benefit that many road warriors love about the American Express Platinum card is evaporating later this summer.

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Executive Q&A: Hospitality Leaders Need to Offer Their Frontline Employees More Than a Paycheck
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A property's frontline staff is typically the heart of any hotel operation. Investing in these employees, both professionally and personally, can lead to major enhancements in company culture and revenue.

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Will Vietnam Overtake Thailand as Asian Playground for Russians?

Europe is the top growing source for Asia-Pacific, and it's not because of growth from Asia's traditional European markets such as the United Kingdom. It's because of a huge spike in Russian arrivals. And Vietnam benefits.

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Global Airlines Worry About Havoc Caused by a Boeing 737 Max Regulatory Rift

Regardless of how you feel about the handling of the Boeing 737 Max, this is a big issue. Airlines have always assumed global regulators would reach the same conclusions about aircraft safety. Now they're not so sure, and that could cause longer-term issues.

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General Atlantic Buys Startup Kiwi.com in Travel Tech Play by Private Equity

A top-tier private equity firm like General Atlantic should provide a strong tailwind for Kiwi as it branches out from selling plane tickets into other types of travel. But it's a bit surprising that Ctrip.com or another travel conglomerate didn't bite instead.

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We Are Less Than 1 Month Away From Skift Tech Forum

We're expecting more than 100+ companies to come together for the annual Skift Tech Forum on June 27, where you will hear from the travel industry's best and brightest. Use the promo code SUB20 to save $290 OFF your ticket today!

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All U.S. Leisure Travel to Cuba Is Banned by Trump Administration

Cuba sailings are just a fraction of most cruise lines' revenue, but they were getting premium fares so this will hurt.

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Skift Tech Forum
Skift Tech Forum: Carnival Builds a Connected Cruise Experience

Cruising has lagged behind other sectors of travel when it comes to digitization and personalization. A new wave of technology, though, is creating a more seamless experience for cruisers around the world.

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Skift Tech Forum: How Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Guest Experience

For travelers, tech overload can easily lead to burnout, but when used the right way, a flexible platform can foster a solid human connection.

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Skift Tech Forum: Amadeus Says Computer Vision Models Will Disrupt Aviation Tech

Computer vision algorithms will have a huge impact on airline and airport operations, according to Marion Mesnage, who heads up the research and innovation team at Amadeus, the travel tech giant.

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Editor's Picks
What Luxury Hospitality Can Learn From These First-Time Hoteliers

Ambitious first-time hoteliers are forging some of the most intriguing hospitality experiences. The power of the beginner's imagination combined with knowledge and passion from other industries is adding up to exactly what the most jaded travelers want.

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JetBlue Senior Executive Marty St. George Is Leaving the Airline

Thirteen years is a long time to stay at one corporation. Perhaps JetBlue needs some fresh blood. Or maybe Chief Commericial Officer Marty St. George just wants a change of pace.

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Expedia Mulls Matching Booking on Resort Fee Commissions

When Priceline ended traveler fees on airline bookings a decade ago, the other online travel agencies generally followed. Whether Expedia will match Booking.com and start charging hotels commissions on resort fees is a much more complex issue. Part of it depends on how much resistance Booking gets from hotels to its new policy.

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