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'Anti-Asian Hate' Big Obstacle for U.S. Tourism as China Outbound Travel Restarts

More and more, the unfriendliness of a destination has unsafe undercurrents to it. The worst that could happen is if Covid is gone, but anti-Asian hate that it has bred lives on and becomes the biggest obstacle to getting Chinese and Asian tourists to travel again.

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Skift Master Pass
Get Your Master Pass and Attend Every Skift Event in 2021

Travel professionals can register now for Skift Master Pass, the one way to access all our essential digital events in 2021.

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Canada's Vaccine Misstep Is Hurting Tourism Recovery

Things change fast in a pandemic. Canada ranked first in tight Covid restrictions, then it trailed the U.S. in vaccinations. Now it's playing catch up, while asking Canadians to help by spending the bulk of their vacation savings at home this summer, and not next door. Will they listen?

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7 Takeaways From Tripadvisor’s Confidential Pitch Deck to Hotels

It's hardly an accident that Tripadvisor is transitioning toward a direct-to-consumer business model after years of Google's hotel-comparison search eating into Tripadvisor's business.

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Blackstone and Starwood Plan $6 Billion Extended Stay America Takeover

Blackstone and Starwood Capital keep returning to Extended Stay America, but their partnership acquisition here shows the two firms see many more deals ahead as reason to keep capital on hand.

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Delta, United, Alaska Expect to Break Even by April as Travel Recovery Picks Up Steam

U.S. airlines are bullish on the coronavirus recovery — finally. After a year of losses, some say the long-elusive inflection in bookings occurred in February with all eyes turned to summer when many expect large numbers of vacationers to return to the skies.

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How Travel Benefits From the Future Decentralized Workplace

Hotels and airlines, rejoice: a larger remote workforce in the future will likely usher in an entirely new type of corporate travel.

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Editor's Picks
Greece Offers Lessons in Redeploying Bloggers to Promote Offbeat Tourism

Greece says it's all set to welcome tourists in May, as the EU has just unveiled a new Covid-19 pass for travelers. But will the fragmented bloc be able to agree on rights attached to the certificate in time to save the summer?

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The Strong Comeback Case for Hard-Hit Tourist Guides

For tourist guides who have been able to hang on to their jobs, grasp new trends, and buff up on technology, the time to shine is near as travel starts to rebound. Sadly, that's a smaller group.

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Skift Pro Exclusive

A Global Backlash Against Digital Nomads Is Brewing 🔒

Countries need to figure out transient work patterns and talent migration sooner than later if they want to tap into the remote work movement.

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