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New Skift Online Summit for Startups and Investors on April 14

Please join Skift editors and research analysts, along with VC investors and startup founders, for this dive into the state of travel startups today.

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Skift Is Celebrating Innovation, Design & Experience

We're looking for the best-in-class brands and designers defining the future of travel to honor with the 2020 Skift IDEA Awards. We've expanded to 30 categories this year and we're excited to see the incredible designs, experiences and digital innovations submitted from around the world. Want to enter? Get started here!

What the $2 Trillion U.S. Stimulus Package Means for Travel Businesses

Lots of travel brands are eligible to earn U.S. government money through the so-called CARES Act. But firms will need to move fast to get their share. Here's how it could all shake out.

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Are Companies Ready to Travel When the World Switches Back On?

The situation is dire for many suppliers, but corporate travel managers could help hotels and airlines prepare for the rebound — if they act responsibly.

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TripActions CEO Defends Controversial Layoffs Strategy

Ariel Cohen's decision to fire 100 employees during a video conference is controversial, but might also reflect the new reality of remote workforce management.

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Booking Holdings CEO Glenn Fogel Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Booking Holdings CEO Glenn Fogel said he "feels fine" after testing positive for coronavirus. As a public company, Booking Holdings prudently disclosed the diagnosis in a financial filing.

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Airbnb CEO Apologizes to Hosts With a $260 Million Relief Package

Airbnb initially made a pro-guest decision on refunds, but it now realizes its policy and its outreach to hosts was clumsy and unsatisfactory. Hosts still won't be pleased, but the optics and financials aren't as bad as before.

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What This Decision by American Airlines Says About How Fast Demand Will Recover

The surprise here is not how many international flights American Airlines is cutting this summer. It is how many the airline intends to operate. American is only cutting 60 percent of its international flights this summer, compared to 2019. That seems optimistic.

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Editor's Picks
What's Next for Trip.com Group as Coronavirus Crisis Subsides in China?

For Trip.com Group's top leader, the message is clear. Countries around the world should not squander any chances to control the virus, and neither should the travel industry let a serious crisis go to waste by not seeking out new opportunities.

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The EasyJet Cabin Manager Volunteering for the UK’s National Health Service

Working for an airline while that airline's fleet is grounded is a strange position to be in. In response, Rebecca Lawrence and many of her colleagues are using their furlough period to help the frontline of the coronavirus response.

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Pregnant Short-Term Rental CEO on Facing Work-Life Challenges During the Pandemic

Even in a time of uncertainty, new trends and opportunities are emerging, and startup founders are carrying on with the business of building companies, as well as families. Over the next 12 months, companies that can show strong unit economics, counter-cyclical resiliency and resourcefulness will rise to the top.

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