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Boeing CEO to Business Travel Execs: Trust Us, 737 Max Is Safe Now

Boeing is going to have to do more than apologize to make travelers comfortable with taking the risk of flying on the 737 Max when it returns to service. Travel buyers and managers, too, are unlikely to ignore the risk with their jobs at stake.

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Skift Global Forum 2019
What to Expect at Skift Global Forum 2019

We're just over a month away from the biggest — and best — event in the travel industry, and we want to make sure you know what you need to know in order to attend. That's why our schedule is set, our speakers are confirmed, and we're ready to go. This week we've added top execs from Amtrak and Airbnb, as well as CEOs from emerging travel booking startups.

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Will Too Many Empty Hotel Rooms in Middle East Require a New Business Model?

Third-party management is a relative unknown in the Middle East's hospitality landscape. The challenge that white-label companies face is convincing owners and operators to relinquish control.

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How Can Airbnb Guests Live Like Locals if Hosts Are, Well, Corporations?

The professionalization of Airbnb may mean cleaner bedsheets and more front desks. But it may also contribute to higher home prices to the detriment of housing-squeezed neighborhoods — and a brand identity that is in dire need of a reboot.

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Skift Airline Weekly Podcast: Singapore Airlines CEO Lays Out Challenges Without Any Domestic Routes

Skift Airline Weekly Lounge's latest podcast episode features Singapore Airlines CEO Goh Choon Phong, from a rare appearance at Skift Forum Asia. Goh says the carrier is in a unique position: It doesn't operate a single domestic route. So it has to make up for the valuable revenue stream it lacks from domestic traffic feed by competing aggressively in a fragmented market.

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Travel Advisors Scramble to Find Alternatives for Caribbean-Bound Clients

In the age of mass media, word of incidents in travel destinations quickly spread across the globe, and travel advisors need to be prepared to handle client requests for changes in their wake. It's important for advisors to start looking for backup plans when news begins to break.

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Namibia Lures New Travelers Seeking Desert Solitude

It would be easy to see Namibia's ascent as a run of great PR, but the country has been playing a long game to attract visitors from around the world. And now there's both more access and new product to match rising demand from travelers who crave isolation — not to mention social media cred.

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Capturing the Short-Term Rental Ecosystem Beyond Airbnb: New Skift Research

The short-term rental sector is rapidly expanding, and it is not just Airbnb, Vrbo, and that benefit from this. A growing ecosystem of property managers and B2B vendors are professionalizing the sector, while making a decent penny.

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Skift Global Forum Preview
Skift Global Forum Preview: Air France-KLM CEO Ben Smith Reveals How He’s Winning Over Labor

Air France-KLM has been content with the status quo for a long time. Under new CEO Ben Smith, that's changing. But is it too much change, too fast?

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Skift Global Forum Preview: Saira Teaches Luxury Hospitality Skills for the Real World

Training the next generation of luxury hotel employees may require more than the old-fashioned schooling that's been in place for decades.

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Skift Global Forum Preview: Hilton's Tech Innovations Drive Brand Growth

Hilton understands the true conundrum of running a hotel business: Customer preferences will always change faster than the market can react. That is why the company has invested throughout the customer experience, from booking to loyalty partnerships, to keep guests happy.

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Editor's Picks
Why Is the U.S. Never Deemed ‘Unsafe’ as a Travel Destination?

In the wake of a tragedy, destinations are hugely beholden to the public perception of how safe it is to travel there, regardless of the reality on the ground. But the United States — which has experienced more mass shootings than there are days in 2019 — is unfairly exempt from that struggle.

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Israel’s El Al Airlines Tries to Reinvent Itself for the Modern Era

Some national flag airlines no longer have a commercial purpose and probably should go out of business. El Al is not one of those carriers. Tourism in the airline's Israel home market is booming, and El Al should be able to ride the wave.

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Booking Holdings Makes Good on Resort-Fee Commission Charges

It appears as though big hotel brands that scream the loudest can get a reprieve from's resort-fee commission charges. But that reprieve appears to only be temporary.

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