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Booking Is In, Airbnb Is Out of Google Vacation Rentals

The online travel agency lineup in Google vacation rentals involves strategic considerations: take advantage of the bookings, and strengthen Google's competitive position in the process, or risk going without.

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The 2020 Digital Transformation Report
Sponsored by Publicis Sapient

In this report, Skift and Amazon Web Services explore the state of digital transformation in the travel and hospitality sector, providing a benchmark for executives to follow as they gauge their own progress with this critical discipline.

The Event Industry Is Being Confronted By Its Napster Moment

All types of business events are in danger of their revenue streams of tickets, sponsorships, memberships, and other types of fees being eroded. This is happening as the world gets used to digital formats and alternatives emerge to physical networking, matchmaking, and other tasks we get out of these events. The threat sounds familiar?

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Croatia Welcomed Americans This Summer — How’d That Work Out?

Croatia has taken a more liberal approach than other European nations to visitation this summer, framing itself as a safe country to visit even while welcoming Americans. The problem is that an influx of visitors may just be undermining that claim.

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What Would an IHG-Accor Merger Look Like Anyway?

Another day, another rumor that Accor and IHG will combine forces. But even a successful merger is unlikely to send the hotel industry into a wave of consolidation due to so many other distressed deals expected during the pandemic recovery.

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First Look at the Agenda for Skift Global Forum

Have you seen the Skift Global Forum program and list of topics? This year's event will include a series of deep-dive conversations that will focus on the sectors that are changing rapidly in 2020. See for yourself and register today to participate!

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Capital One Acquires Freebird’s Flight Disruption Tech

Freebird has gone kaput but the concept of predictive intelligence smoothing out the travel experience will only gain strength during the rebound from the pandemic. Capitol One sees opportunity.

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Skift Pro Exclusive

Finally, Airbnb IPO Will Signal a New Era of Accounting and Accountability

As a public company, Airbnb would be a dream for reporters, analysts, and investors because of the required disclosures about financials and strategy. It could also prompt competitors to up their game, and perhaps be more forthcoming about the numbers behind their own short-term rental businesses.

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Editor's Picks
Isn’t It Time to Redesign Hotel Awards?

It is surprising that hotel awards are still being given out even when travel is in a lockdown. Some are meaningful and relevant, but mostly it's an industry that begs for a reinvention.

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MGM Resorts to Lay Off 18,000 Staffers Beginning Monday

MGM laying off 18,000 workers is the latest testament that Las Vegas needs more than slot machines and poker tables to keep resorts running at pre-pandemic performance levels.

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The Tourism Industry Wants a ‘Stretch Season’

The virus isn't going anywhere come autumn, but there is some hope that the travel industry can stretch the summer travel season into the cooler months.

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