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Booking to Charge Commission on Resort Fees in Major Shakeup for Hotel Revenue

Get ready for some commotion in Las Vegas and other destinations where hotel resort fees are common. Will impacted hotels abandon Will resort fees lose their appeal for hotels? Will Expedia follow Booking's lead? The fun and gamesmanship are just starting.

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Executive Q&A: Posadas' Meteoric Growth in Mexico and Beyond
Sponsored by Posadas

Posadas has witnessed many shifts within Mexico's tourism industry over the last five decades since it first launched its Fiesta Americana hotel. The brand continues to evolve and has big plans for major expansion in Mexico and other areas of Latin America.

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Niki Lauda’s Lasting Aviation Legacy

Niki Lauda may have been more famous as a Formula One racing driver, but he left a lasting impression on the European aviation industry.

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Mexico Tours and Activities Operators Feel the Pain of Tourism Board Demise

Cuts to the Mexico Tourism Board are having an immediate impact on local operators in some of the country's most popular tourist destinations. A lack of marketing resources is especially difficult for some of the country's smallest and often most alluring places.

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How Sabre Is Tackling Its Airline Tech Challenges

Sabre has sold operational tools to airlines for years, but the business unit became complacent. CEO Sean Menke has revved up the travel tech company's metabolism. But it will take at least a year for his turnaround to kickstart renewed revenue growth in this unit.

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Skift Forum Asia Is Next Week: Last Chance to Join Us

On Monday at Skift Forum Asia, we'll dive into the travel landscape with attendees from over 40 different countries representing 150+ companies across every sector of the industry. Thinking about joining us? Use code LASTCHANCE for 40% off.

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Amadeus Begins Powering Next-Gen Airline Selling Via Online Agencies

Online travel agencies have been late to the airline sector push to sell airfares and other products in more modern ways. Travix has reached a milestone, though, with the help of tech firm Amadeus, and its story suggests the outline of future trends.

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Skift Forum Asia Preview
Rosewood Hotel Group CEO: ‘We Want to Push the Hotel Industry to Another Level’

All of the buzzwords are here in CEO Sonia Cheng's strategy — from co-working and community to recognition and technology — but can Rosewood continue to maintain its uniqueness, even as it goes after what all the other hotel brands are going after, too? Given its track record, it just might.

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Skift Forum Asia: Agoda’s CEO Touts Homesharing for That Competitive Edge

The Singapore-based online travel agency is focused on expanding outside of Asia through the marketing of non-hotel accommodations on its site. This strategy could work well as homesharing continues to grow in popularity.

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Skift Forum Asia: Why Oyo’s Founder Calls Himself the Chief Clarity Officer

Who has ever built a portfolio of half a million rooms in six years? Oyo, that's who. And founder and CEO Ritesh Agarwal, who will be speaking at the first Skift Forum Asia on May 27, says his journey has just begun.

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Editor's Picks
The Story Behind the Color Choices of Luxury Hotel Logos

When it comes to designing logos, luxury brands are generally risk-averse. That's even the case in the hospitality industry, where brands are always trying to promote their singularity. The names may change, but the colors stay the same.

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Amazon Collects Fees From Cleartrip in New India Flights Offering

Amazon's deal with Cleartrip using Amazon Pay for India domestic flights could be a forerunner of similar moves in other emerging markets where payment systems are being disrupted. This time around in travel, Amazon has decided to partner rather than build its own offering — a very reasonable way to get back into the game.

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Ryanair Ready to Pounce on Opportunities From Pending Airline Mergers

It looks like Ryanair is preparing itself for a major shakeup of the European airline industry. We've heard it talk about struggling competition before, but things are getting much tougher out there.

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