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Communities Are No Longer Spectators in Tourism’s Future

How can the tourism industry strengthen its relationship with communities? Simple: it needs to embrace the fact that it's the communities who invite stakeholders in, and who give them a seat at the table, not the other way around.

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3 Ways Local and Domestic Trends Will Shape the Future of Travel
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Covid-19 has redefined how many consumers think about travel, which has given rise to new opportunities for the industry. Amidst a flood of short-term local and domestic demand, travel brands will have to navigate long-term changes to how they operate.

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How Hilton Grand Vacations Digests a $1.4 Billion Takeover Will Test Hot Timeshare Market

The timeshare sector is underway with overdue change. Chasing changing traveler tastes, millennials, and eventually Gen Z buyers means pushing into cities and offering more flexibility.

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United Airlines Eyes Blockbuster 2022 With Plans to Be Larger Than Pre-Pandemic

United has big aspirations for 2022 as the travel recovery continues to accelerate in the U.S. But very real concerns about the Delta variant and the broader recovery outside of the airline's control could set those plans back.

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Tripadvisor Plus Creates Less Friction and Lower Costs for Hotels

Adding channel managers to bypass global distribution systems Amadeus and Sabre isn't a super-duper game-changer for Tripadvisor Plus, but less friction and lower fees can lead to greater traction.

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Hear From Uber's CEO In-Person at Skift Global Forum

We're delighted to announce that Uber CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi is joining us in person at Skift Global Forum, happening September 21-23. He'll discuss his leadership at Uber through the pandemic, future strategies for the company, and also his views on the industry overall as it rebuilds. Spaces are limited, so secure your ticket today.

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Kayak Is Missing a Golden Opportunity With Its New Corporate Travel Platform

In what could be the travel industry's most drawn-out launch of a booking tool, the final version will appeal to many small companies — but it could have offered so much more.

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Japan’s Tourism Reality From Olympics: Build It and Maybe They Will Come Later

The 2020 Tokyo Games will be a big financial hit for Japan's tourism sector, but vaccines now under way plus pent-up demand and infrastructure boosts could make it come out of this tough stretch a winner — sooner than one might think.

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Editor's Picks
Canada to Lift Restrictions for Fully Vaccinated U.S. Travelers From August 9

The decision by Canada to open its border to fully vaccinated U.S. visitors is a massive boost for the country's economy. While businesses in Canada have lost billions of dollars due to the absence of U.S. customers, the reopening's timing in early August allows them to salvage something from the summer.

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Blackstone Hungry for More Travel Assets Beyond $6 Billion Extended Stay Deal

Blackstone wants to capitalize on the upside of a travel recovery and invest in leisure and hospitality assets, but who doesn't? There's a ton of capital waiting on the sidelines competing for potential deals, which may not be that much of an opportunity after prices go up in bidding wars.

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Travel and Fintech Are Colliding in New, Exciting Ways

Fintech is trending, and likewise for superapps in certain parts of the world. Getting into travel is too delicious to resist, but the world is not ending for incumbent travel competitors.

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