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How the Cloud Is Shaking Up Hotel Property Management Tech: New Skift Research

Technological advancements have allowed for new entrants into the property management systems space to offer a viable alternative to incumbent legacy systems. Those systems might be scrambling for now, but they'll catch up. All this can only be a good thing for the PMS and hotel tech space in the long run.

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Skift Forum Europe
First Look at the Speakers to Join Skift Forum Europe

The first set of speakers has been announced for Skift Forum Europe, and it's shaping up to be a fantastic lineup. There are only a few early-bird tickets left, so grab them while you can!

Coronavirus’ Effect on the Travel Industry Deepens as Global Emergency Is Declared

While the World Health Organization has stopped short of calling for a shutdown of global travel and trade, many travel companies are limiting their operations to reduce the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on their financials while helping to safeguard public health.

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Oyo’s Global Downsizing Hits U.S. as One-Third of Staff Is Fired in Biz Model Shift

If the cliché "no pain, no gain" applies to disruptor Oyo, then the chain is clearly in the pain part of that equation. The brand has definitely taken a huge reputation hit that will play out for months. There are certainly positives in Oyo's renewed value proposition to many properties if the chain doesn't trip over itself.

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Hotels Are Confused by Rise of Legal Marijuana: Opportunity or Liability?

The legalization of marijuana by states is getting murkier in the eyes of the federal government, which has still not legalized pot. Thirty-three states have, meaning that hotels have to deal with it whether they like it or not. Some hotels are embracing certain forms of cannabis. Others don't want the potential liability. How do they figure out what to do?

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Travel Megatrends 2020: Travel Payments Find Path to Painless

Global payments technology and rules are changing swiftly, led by seamless innovations in Asia that are making life easier for consumers. Travel companies of all sizes are finally taking action in order to stay competitive.

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Airline Weekly Podcast: Do Secondary Airports in L.A. and San Francisco Work?

In the latest episode of Skift Airline Weekly Lounge podcast, SAW Editor Madhu Unnikrishnan and Senior Aviation Business Editor Brian Sumers discuss airlines in the Golden State (and elsewhere too). Can any airline make a go of the Los Angeles Basin's secondary airports? Why is Spirit launching one of its longest flights to Oakland? Listen to learn more.

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Editor's Picks
Asian Destinations Reel From China's Outbound Travel Ban

For a string of Asian destinations, China is by far the number one market, so the outbound travel ban that became effective Monday there has shaken tourism businesses even though they know it is for the good.

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5 Takeaways From the Year’s Largest Hotel Industry Conference

The hotel industry is expected to have a slowdown in profits this year, yet companies keep starting new brands and expanding existing ones. Where is this optimism coming from?

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What the Sabre-Farelogix Antitrust Trial Could Reveal About Airline Technology

It's notable that we had a much easier time finding experts who supported Sabre's proposed merger of Farelogix than opponents. But this court case will be decided on legal nuances, and its outcome is impossible to predict. We pity the judge who has to endure this crash course in airline technology and distribution.

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