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This Shot of Optimism Heard Around the World

Wake up, U.S. travel industry, we've got lots of work to do.

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Meet the Microbiologist Helping to Attract Business Events to the Canadian Prairies
Sponsored by Expedia Group Media Solutions

Tapping into local experts like Dr. Vikram Misra, a professor in microbiology at the University of Saskatchewan, is helping Destination Canada attract meetings, break down silos, and drive long-term economic growth.

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Dear Mr. President — Your Policies Could Make or Break the Travel Industry

Presidential policies and tone can go a long way toward making or breaking the U.S. travel industry. The president has to balance all parts of the economy and the needs of the country's citizens, but pumping up the travel industry because of its vast economic impact would go a long way toward wider economic recovery.

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Inside Air Canada’s Complicated Effort to Resurrect a Loyalty Program

Air Canada relaunches its Aeroplan program on November 8. But are loyalty programs still relevant amid a global pandemic? An airline executive says they are. We tend to think he's right.

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What the Latest U.S. Airport Security Screening Numbers Tell Us

Air travel demand appears to have plateaued in the U.S. International travel demand, after showing some signs of life in the summer, is slowing down as countries impose new travel restrictions in response to a resurgent pandemic.

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No U.S. Cruises for the Rest of 2020

Cruise lines are suspending U.S. operations through Dec. 31 — but it will likely take a while longer, as ships must first meet the CDC's new conditional sailing requirements, including simulated voyages proving low Covid risk and crew protection measures.

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First Round of Speakers Announced for the Skift Short-Term Rental & Outdoor Summit

We're excited to announce the first round of speakers who will share their perspectives on the short-term rental and outdoor landscape at our second annual Short-Term Rental & Outdoor Summit on December 9-10. You don't want to miss this - book your place today!

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Four Seasons Sees 20-Year-Old Private Homes Business as Integral Part of Pandemic Strategy

Four Seasons isn't straying too far from the traditional hotel model when it comes to finding revenue during the pandemic, but Private Retreats is a smart tool to appeal to changing traveler demands surrounding complete control of a stay.

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Editor's Picks
Travel’s Tireless Fighter for Diversity and Inclusion

Martinique Lewis has created a brand for herself in diversity travel with The ABC Travel Green Book and the Diversity Travel Scorecard. As the industry confronts the pandemic and the Black Lives Matter global reckoning, Lewis is poised to help businesses become more inclusive and welcoming for all travelers.

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The Hard-Hit Tour Companies Pushing Forward on a Careful Path to Recovery

Anything involving groups has been tough in travel, but a few tour companies are making the great wide open spaces even more expansive as they welcome back travelers while taking super-cautious measures.

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How the Pandemic Made This Investment Firm a Leading U.S. Hotel Player Overnight

Highgate's mega-hotel portfolio acquisition makes it a top national hotel landlord, and it is likely just the beginning of further pandemic investment opportunities across the entire hospitality industry.

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