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Delta Air Lines Plans to Reduce Seat Recline in Bet to Make Flyers Happy

This could go one of two ways. Passengers could revolt, taking to social media to complain about Delta's decision to reduce recline on 62 airplanes. Or customers could be pleasantly surprised at how much space they'll have under Delta's new test configuration.

Secure Your Spot at Skift Forum Europe

In just a matter of weeks, our team will be in London for our third Skift Forum Europe. We're excited to welcome you and hundreds of attendees from over 160 leading companies. Want to be a part of the action? Act quickly to save a seat!

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How One Canadian Province Uses Icebergs to Attract Visitors

The best advice for destinations large and small as they embark upon marketing campaigns is keep it real. The efforts of isolated, iceberg-laden Newfoundland and Labrador is proof that going with the authenticity "floe" can melt the hearts of potential visitors.

Is Accor the Next Starwood? What’s Next for Hotel Mergers

Accor as a takeover target? Stranger things have happened. (Anbang, anyone?) No matter what transpires in hospitality going forward, though, it's clear that consolidation is here to stay.

GetYourGuide Defies Conventional Wisdom on Tour Booking So Far

GetYourGuide may close an approximately $300 million funding round this year with possible participation by new investors like SoftBank and Temasek. If true, investors would be betting that the attractions booking agency can continue to defy several assumptions about young travel companies.

JetBlue Is Flying to Europe: Breaking Down the Competition

JetBlue revealed one of aviation's worst-kept secrets by announcing flights to Europe. The move will attract fire from competitors, but even so, JetBlue is not risking the company with these new routes.

What Locals Feel About Overtourism: A Skift Research Report

Overtourism is one of the biggest challenges faced by the travel industry. Quantifying it helps diagnose and fight the issue. Our new method of measuring local sentiment toward tourists can build upon and complement existing overtourism metrics.

Editor's Picks
Marriott’s New Contract With Expedia Signals a Shift in the Direct Booking Wars

As the saying goes, keep your friends close and your rivals closer. Or in this case, that rival might turn out to be a friend, after all, once you've become the world's biggest hotel company.

The Super Rich Are Creating New Opportunities for Travel Advisors

Ultra-wealthy travelers are growing in number, and many are willing to pay for expertise in fulfilling their champagne wishes and caviar dreams. However, serving these clients, especially the newly rich, can put advisors to the test.

Delta Expects to Make $7 Billion From Its Amex Credit Card Relationship by 2023. But How?

Delta's new contract with American Express should generate massive revenue. It's another sign Delta is trying to stay far ahead of its peer airlines.

What Retailer Muji Gets Right With Its New Flagship Hotel in Tokyo

More travelers want a lower price point without sacrificing aesthetics and vibe. Much can be learned from Muji's example in Tokyo, particularly the product integration and room design.

TripAdvisor Launches Cruise Metasearch to Tap Into a New Revenue Stream

TripAdvisor is smart to try to tap the ad budgets of cruise lines and online travel agencies with a relevant new price-comparison search tool. But many first-time cruisers may feel too overwhelmed by all of the review content given all of the complexity in booking a cruise.

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