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Don’t Count on Airlines to Fully Recover for 3 Years: Delta CEO

It could have been worse. Delta Air Lines reported $8.6 billion in first quarter revenue, but demand fell by 95 percent in April. The second quarter could be way more ugly, even after the airline cut its schedule by 85 percent.

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New Skift Online Summit for Travel PR Professionals on April 30

Join Skift editors and travel public relations professionals from Percepture, LDPR, Finn Partners, and CARBONATE as they discuss the pandemic's impact on the PR industry at our next online summit on April 30. Get registered today.

Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky Poised for New Era of Travel Redistribution: The Long View This Week

Can Airbnb be less of a real estate play and more of a facilitator of human connections? That is Brian Chesky's stated vision. But will that sales pitch sell with Wall Street?

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Expedia Grabs $3.2 Billion in Private Equity Financing and Appoints Peter Kern CEO

Barry Diller followed a familiar pattern and appointed someone he's known for years and feels comfortable working with as CEO. Peter Kern will have no trouble working with Apollo and Silver Lake, and with making deep cuts because he is a private equity guy at heart.

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Make Some Serious Noise: A Wake-Up Call to Action for Travel

"If humanity is at my door, have I done all that I can to welcome them as guests? Could I do more?"

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Uber Rideshare Revenue Ticking Upwards After Dramatic Fall

If you are grasping for any signs that the U.S. or global economies have a heartbeat, then consider that Uber's rideshare revenue has been ticking upwards in the past two weeks after plummeting over the past two months. No, this is not the same as China reopening or a promising coronavirus vaccine in the making, but at this point we'll latch onto almost anything.

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Hong Kong’s Legacy Luxury Hotel Players Join Forces to Aid in Recovery

What greater motivation is there than protecting one's legacy? Hong Kong's hotel brands with deep roots in the city share this incentive, which should help in the destination's recovery efforts.

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Editor's Picks
What Role Will Chinese Outbound Tourism Play in Post-Crisis Travel?

For a decade, China's outbound market has been the driving force of an unflinchingly optimistic global travel industry. As a new decade starts — with much of that optimism extinguished — will China's growth remain as reliable?

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How Blackstone’s Earlier Hilton Investment Will Guide Its Hotel Strategy in This Crisis

Coronavirus may lead to distressed pricing and investment opportunities for firms like Blackstone, but it could take up to a year before we see the first wave of acquisition plays.

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Asia's Hotels Warming Up to Automation Thanks to Growing Social Distancing Norms

Raising productivity and easing a manpower crunch had been the original triggers behind the deployment of service robots and contactless technology in Asia's hospitality sector, but the coronavirus pandemic will catalyze the automation trends already on the horizon.

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