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Air France-KLM Joins Airlines Getting Ahead of Fare Wars by Mimicking Uber

Suddenly the phrase "continuous pricing" is on the lips of airline executives worldwide. The reason is that price competition will be fierce once international air travel rebounds. The new pricing method promises to help airlines extract the most money possible from passengers based on their willingness to pay.

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Join Us at Skift Loyalty and Subscription Summit

We're diving deeper into the fast-changing world of both loyalty and subscriptions at our upcoming summit on April 21. Here's what you can expect to learn and who you'll hear from at our event.

Expedia’s Vrbo Looks to Poach Discouraged Airbnb Hosts With New Incentives

Midway through 2020, Expedia Group and its Vrbo short-term rental unit took the high road by not wanting to appear to be taking advantage of host anger at Airbnb's early-pandemic refund policies. But when your new host recruitment plan targets "superhosts," it's clear those calculations are long gone.

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New Podcast: Delta’s Bad Week in the News

Sonesta Built a Hotel Empire During the Pandemic: Here’s What’s Missing

Sonesta is now a major hotel company with hundreds of franchised properties and an eye toward further growth. But the big hurdle is expanding its loyalty program. Marriott's takeover of Starwood showed the complexities of engineering loyalty across brands at a huge scale.

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Longtime Holdout Alaska Airlines Joining Oneworld Signals Renewed Importance of Alliances

The airline industry was increasingly writing off global alliances before the Covid-19 pandemic hit. Now, the tables appear to be turning with Alaska Airlines accelerating its membership into Oneworld despite the crisis and carriers increasingly depending on their partners for global reach.

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Sabre Makes a Bold Bet It Can Simplify the Way Airlines Sell Seats

There's an advantage to simplicity in retail. It's worked wonders for companies like Apple, but then they've never had to work with airlines.

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Editor's Picks
3 Big Upsides for Travel From President Biden’s Infrastructure Plan

The years of infrastructure week memes are finally over with President Biden's $2 trillion proposal to upgrade and green America's infrastructure. But with battle lines already forming, can he get the package over the line in Congress?

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Nashville’s $450 Million Downtown Investment Offers Renewed Tourism Hope

Innovating amid budget slashes, natural disasters, plus a pandemic, takes vision. With backyard tourism now on a new pedestal, plus a high vaccination rate, Nashville's tourism execs are beginning to see their efforts bear fruit after having had some of the best tourism numbers in the country pre-pandemic.

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Skift Pro Exclusive

Is Airbnb’s Big Ad Blitz a Dud?

The impact of Airbnb's new ad campaign seems to be underwhelming to date. But if the idea is to broaden awareness about hosting, Airbnb may be willing to play the long game.

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