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Allegiant Air Execs Angrily Defend Airline’s Hotel Strategy

Allegiant CEO Maury Gallagher has always done things his way. By doing so, he has built one of the most profitable airlines in the world. But is it a good idea to get into the hotel business?

Skift Forum Europe Is in 3 Days

In just three days, we'll be mingling with the brightest minds in the industry at Skift Forum Europe! Seats are almost sold out — so act quickly to join the 200 companies and 400 attendees who have already secured their place. Use code LASTCHANCE for a 50 percent discount (savings of £797.50 / $1,051.48).

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The Skift 2019 Corporate Travel Innovators List

Innovation is slow in corporate travel, mainly due to the entrenched legacy systems that undergird the sector and the complex web of financial incentives that power incumbents. These leaders are doing something different in a space defined by convention.

How Finnair Got It Wrong in China

Finnair has made the most of its Helsinki hub's advantageous position when it comes to flying to Asia, but clearly it hasn't gotten everything right.

Rosewood Hotel Group CEO: ‘We Want to Push the Hotel Industry to Another Level’

All of the buzzwords are here in CEO Sonia Cheng's strategy — from co-working and community to recognition and technology — but can Rosewood continue to maintain its uniqueness, even as it goes after what all the other hotel brands are going after, too? Given its track record, it just might.

Alaska Is Bracing for This Year's Supersize Cruise Season

Cruise operators go where they see demand, and Alaska has been a hot market for a while now. Will the introduction of more and bigger ships change that dynamic?

Why Hotel Revenue Management Needs to Be a Priority: New Skift Research

Revenue management systems play an important role in automating pricing, but hotels should not see these as a one-stop solution to all their problems. There are bigger strategic questions that need answering.

Editor's Picks
United Airlines Unveils New Paint Scheme

United's new look shouldn't come as a surprise to any of its frequent flyers. The airline has been slowly changing its airport signage to match the look that's now going to be on aircraft.

Cincinnati Courts Luxury Travelers Through Pro Tennis

Most major sporting events take place in cities that already attract large numbers of high-end tourists. But for one small Midwestern city, hosting a professional tennis tournament is a way to attract luxury travelers who might otherwise not consider a visit.

Selina Raises $100 Million for Its Millennial-Focused Lodging

Selina is riding a wave of venture capital investment like a dreadlocked surfer with remarkable poise. Come to Skift Forum Europe to hear CEO Rafael Museri explain how his startup may capsize the traditional hospitality model.

Low-Cost Carrier Allegiant Seeks Permission to Fly to Mexico, Finally

Allegiant Air has teased us before about flying to Mexico. But the airline is probably serious now. Will smaller-market travelers want to visit Mexican beaches as much as Las Vegas and Orlando? We'll see.

Google Maps Adds More Hotel Search Filters

Google Maps is plotting a clear course in the direction of becoming a superapp for travel and dining. We'll continue to track the trend closely.

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